Friday, September 26, 2008

My Insecurities are Showing

Ok, I've had lots of time to think about the game. I can't stop thinking about it. I wish I could say I whole-heartedly believe that Alabama's going to win this one. I mean, I want to have faith. I love my team. I really really do.

Realistically, I just don't think we've got this one. Reason being...we're coming back from a road game, heading to another road game. Georgia has the home field advantage. They're playing our strength and conditioning coach's comments about their team "heading to a *#!* funeral" over and over and over again. They have Knowshon Moreno. I mean, realistically, it just looks like they've got this one.

We have some key players too, it's just that our defense is what's strongest. I just don't know if JPW and our offensive line can stand up to Georgia's defense. That would mean that we would have to depend completely on our defense, and I don't know if our defense will be able to conquer Georgia's offense. I just don't believe that Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno will let that happen. Sure, Bama's seen Knowshon. They'll try to cover him. How long will it last, though? I mean, the guy jumps over people!

Georgia's looked a little questionable, like in the South Carolina game. However, I just don't think they were pumped up about that one. They believed the hype about them and went in and didn't give it their all. This game is different. Everyone's watching (except the Saturday shoppers, of course. But even they'll know what's going on for this game). Everyone, and I mean everyone (except Alabama fans) is picking Georgia to win.

In order to win, these things need to happen:

  • Corso needs to pick Georgia...VERY important.
  • JPW is going to have to step it up. He can't get scared like he did last year.
  • The line is going to have to protect JPW. He needs all the time he can get.
  • Georgia needs to channel their insecurities. I mean, Troy showed up against them last year between the hedges. Georgia still managed to win, but they didn't look hot. We need that Georgia team to show up (or the one that played South Carolina a couple of weeks ago).
  • Glenn Coffee is going to have to be on his A game. This is his chance to shine. Knowshon who?
  • Javier Arenas needs to have access to the ball. Arkansas tried to keep it from him. I'm hoping this week, he'll shine.
  • Alabama's going to have to come out strong, from the beginning. We need to take an early lead. We all know Mark Richt is good at turning things around at half-time. We need to get as much of a head start as possible.
We need not get intimidated by the whole blackout thing. Honestly, the blackout is the least of my worries. I mean, it was cool last year, but this year, I just think it's silly. Of course, that is totally my opinion.

This weekend, nobody's picking us. I take that back, if you listen to the Finebaum show, lots of people are picking us. Those people just all happen to be super country (to put it most kindly) Bammer fans who have already booked their tickets to the National Championship. I, however, have not booked mine. I think next year is going to be our year. Of course, we'll be dealing with a new quarterback. That's never fun. We may not win it all this year, we may not win it all next year, but it's coming. Our day is coming. We've been down, but don't count us out. Next year is going to be a good year. I still believe this year is going to be a good year. I just hope that they don't lose confidence in themselves if they lose this weekend. I've seen it happen (uh, hello, last year), and it's not pretty. I don't think the Sabinator wants that either.

Bama, here's to you. I hope you prove my insecurities wrong. Maybe Georgia's not as good as they, and everyone else, thinks they are. I, honestly, don't think they're as good as people say. I think they'll lose a couple this season (big upsets to watch for...Florida, LSU, and Auburn. I think they'll lose two of those, even though Auburn's been looking pretty bad. They always play UGA tough). Maybe you'll be the one to upset their National Championship hopes, Bama. I sure hope so!

The bottom line is this, this is SEC football. Anything can happen. On that line, how about that USC/Oregon State game last night. What in the world?!? USC looked pitiful. Another one bites the dust!


Anonymous said...

Annie - keep the faith. Your "points to victory" are right on (especially the line about Corso). I definitely don't think our team will be intimidated. One point to consider that you left it is how our Freshmen (and there are a lot of them playing key roles) respond in their first real road test - can't really count Arkansas as the crowd can't compare to what they'll find in Athens. If the Freshmen respond to the opportunity to shine and we limit Knowshon's touches (ball control, perhaps?) then I think we pull it out in a close one.

I'm picking Bama to win 30-24. ROLL TIDE!!!

Jay H.

annieck said...

Great points! Thanks, Jay!
Looks like Corso is on his way to picking UGA. Thank goodness!