Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Back for another weekly installment of this week's random thoughts.

Today is September 11, 2008. It's been seven years since that devastating attack on U.S. soil. Lives were lost and families were affected forever. My prayers go out to all those who lost loved ones. My prayers go out to those who are serving and protecting our country from future attacks.

Today is September 11, 2008. It's been seven years since the attack. SEVEN years. Where was I when it happened? I was teaching my precious third graders. I had the greatest group of kids ever that year. It just hit me today that they are now 10th graders. 10th graders! My sweet little babies are in high school!!! Wow! I am sad
about that. I'm sad that I live so far from Acworth, Georgia, and most likely, I'll never see any of them again. My prayers go out to those sweet kiddos and their futures. They were such special kids.

God really and truly is amazing. He is revealing so much to me right now. So much that I've looked past. I am thankful that He cares enough to show me the right way.

I wonder if Ash is going to stop all this fussing. It's funny how he can turn it off and on so quickly. Yep...just stopped. Amazing!

I am super thankful for Tristan's teacher and school this year. He is learning so much and loves going. What a blessing! All years haven't been as great as this one.

I've seen two people fall lately and didn't fall all over myself laughing. I'm making progress.

I realized yesterday that we made plans to go out to eat with friends on Saturday night. Saturday night...that's football. What was I thinking? Oh well. Good thing they're great friends, otherwise, I would have to reschedule. ;) Birmingham needs an ESPN Zone!

Speaking of football, my Bama team looked pretty awful last weekend. Glad I haven't been trash talking. Mom, I'm talking to you!

A pumpkin spice frappuccino sure sounds good right now. Why does Starbucks have to charge you the cost of a small country for one cup of joe?

It looks like rain today. YEA, YEA, YEA! I just love the rain. It's the most glorious weather!

I have a really great husband. I really really do. I often take him for granted. Thanks to my new Bible study, I'm realizing just how blessed I am. I hope I will take the time to appreciate him every day. He deserves it.

I guess scrunchies aren't back. I haven't seen anyone sport one since the Olympics. Drats!

What about you? Any random thoughts you want to share? Surely I'm not the only one that has weird random thoughts on a daily basis. Hmmm...maybe I am...


LeAnne said...

i love your weekly random thoughts....i should start doing that once a week over at my blog too. random thoughts...i've got plenty!! too bad about the scrunchies-hahaha!!

Brandi said...

I saw a scrunchie at churh on Sunday! Not sure they are back but I did see one.

~w said...

scrunchies-yup, that's a blast from the past! didn't even notice them during the olympics! love your random thoughts-let's me know that i'm not so crazy after all! i may have to start one of my own.
9.11, such a powerful number. did you ever think that a number could evoke so much emotion? my heart weaps every year for those who lost their lives as well as the families and friends of them. we are blessed to be safe and sound.

The Greenfields said...

not sure about the scrunchie BUT, i saw 2 men with fanny packs in about 3 minutes at the mall the other day and i had a thought- "are the fanny packs coming back???????? OR are they just now reaching the middle east????"


annieck said...

Wendy and SHOULD start doing your random thoughts. I would LOVE to read them. :)

Wow, Brandi. They may be coming back. If so, I'm heading to your house!

Rachel, your comment CRACKED ME UP!!! Fanny packs. Wow! I saw a woman at the Butterbean Festival a couple of weeks ago with a bedazzled fanny pack. Yep, pink crystals all over that bad boy. It was a sight to see!

Donna said...

You should be happier about your Bama boys tonight! Hope you had fun with friends- we went to a sportsbar to see FSU play. So glad Tristan has a good teacher- it makes all the difference- and you feel so much better about them being gone during the day- we've had good ones and not-so-good ones too.