Sunday, September 28, 2008


...find out what it means to me!

ROLL TIDE!!! We did it! Bama beat Georgia...on their turf...during their big blackout!!! How cool was that game?! I have never seen a half like that first half. I was speechless.

Yesterday afternoon, before the game, I took the boys to the Whistle Stop Festival in Irondale. Channing was working, we had just finished soccer, and I thought they would have a lot of fun out there. While out there, I talked to a man working at the church behind our booth. He was wearing a Bama t-shirt, so we started talking SEC football (my current favorite subject). He told me there was going to be an upset in Athens. I told him I sure hoped so but that I was nervous. This guy didn't waiver. He was convinced there was going to be an upset. That's when he told me the news of Florida's fate...they'd lost OLE MISS. What?! NO WAY!!! That's what I told him. I thought he was surely trying to punk me. NOPE. They really lost to Ole Miss. Florida. The team I predicted would win it all this year. I was stunned. I was encouraged too. This guy almost seemed to speak prophetically about the Alabama/Georgia game. It was going to happen.

Then the game came on. It happened. Alabama looked AMAZING (until the third quarter anyway. That was a bad quarter). I won't go into specifics. I'm sure you watched it. If not, you should be ashamed! It was quite the game. One major highlight for me was seeing the aerial view of the stadium. It was so cool seeing all the black with the white shirts standing out. It immediately brought this verse to mind: "No one lights a lamp and hides it in a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he puts it on a stand, so that those who come in can see the light" Luke 8:16. I don't know why. I wasn't "trying to make the game spiritual" as my friend John said. The verse just came to mind when I saw all the white among the sea of black. It just looked really cool.

I won't go into how everyone picked Alabama to lose, "They're good, but this just isn't there year. They're not ready." I won't go into Mark Richt's comments that Alabama hadn't been tested yet this season. That they had played pretty terrible teams. I won't go into the fact that people think all the Bammers are crazy and unrealistic. We all know that happened.

We went to Athens, Georgia. We played a #3 team; a great team. We played between the hedges, and we led the whole game. I am so proud of my team! I am proud to be a Crimson Tide fan. I am happy to see that they are getting the respect they deserve. I know there's a whole lot of season left, and who knows what will happen? For now, though, I'm going to bask in a season of being 5-0 and being ranked second in the nation. This is a pretty great feeling.

ROLL TIDE!!! OH, and props to Georgia. Now that we've played them, I hope they make a massive comeback. GO DAWGS!


The Hoppers said...

Congrats on your team winning! We were not a happy household Saturday. We are hoping that we rally next week. And we are glad that you beat Georgia, so Florida and Goergia both have a loss in the east. Something is up with Timmy!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Big Arn......well deserved victory!!!!!!!!!!

Your bro in law

annieck said...

Thanks! I'm excited to go back to pullin' for the dawgs...unless of course, we happen to meet again at the end of the season. :)

holly said...

ROLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLL! As you know, I had my retreat this weekend, and didn't get to see the game (until I got home and saw it tivod). So I offered up missing the game in prayer for the success of the retreat. It was tough for me, but looks like Bama can win without me! Finally, in big orange country, I'm proud to be a Bama fan.