Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Hello again! I'm back for my weekly installment of random thoughts. Take a peek inside my brain. Let me warn's pretty deep. ;) :

Was the SNL spoof sexist? Who cares?! It was funny. It wasn't meant to be a debate or an endorsement. It was just meant to bring some humor to the presidential race, the biggest thing going in the country right now. I mean, seriously. Who cares? Let's move on and talk about the issues. Let SNL be what it was...funny.

I think Sarah Palin is the only one in the presidential race who really seems to have an idea of how to really reform Washinton. I'll take just about whoever is running with her in the White House, even John McCain. Many ask if it's ok to vote for the lesser of two my opinion...YES, absolutely. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but unfortunately it is.

CANNOT wait to see Auburn and LSU play this weekend. Don't know or really care who wins. I just know that one of those teams is goin' down. Who will it be?! I'm giddy with excitement. My pick...The Burn's goin' down.

Two weeks until Bama and Georgia play. I hope it's a good game. It usually is. CAN'T wait to tune in. Did Channing and I make the right choice by deciding not to go? Only time will tell.

Do people really order all that junk you see you infomercials? I mean, does someone really want that huge cross-over-the-chest purse/satchel that will fit a small country in it...for $19.99? Really?

Oooooooo...gotta call Bare Minerals and delay my next order. The make-up is lasting longer than I thought. What's that phone number again??? I guess I'll have to stay up late and watch for the infomercial.

When should I go back to teaching? I definitely know now that it is something I feel called to do again. But when? When should I get back into it? Hmmm.... I'll keep praying for the answer.

What is it with the competitive moms? "Sally counted to thirty today and recited Psalm 23 verbatim." "Man! Norman can only count to 20. I gotta get on that. I'm practicing that with him tomorrow!" Come on. Give it a rest. Don't pressure your kid just because he isn't doing what your best friend's kid is doing.

Barbara Walters...not a fan. Do you think people really believe you, Barbara, when you tell them you won't share which candidate you're pulling for? Do you really think we can't figure it out? I mean, you didn't even give John McCain the opportunity to answer the questions you asked him. Come on! Let's be fair. If you ask a question, wait and listen for the answer.

Why would ANYONE think it's ok to abort a baby in the seventh month of pregnancy? Why? And if you do, how could any doctor allow the baby to die if it comes out of the womb alive? SO many people desperately want babies. I just don't get it. You've carried the baby for seven months! Why back out now? Have the baby, give it away. Fine. Bless someone else. I just don't get it. Women's rights? Give me a break!

Why are so many people protesting Oprah? I am a republican, and still I don't get it. What is with you people? She's told you from the beginning that she is an avid supporter of Barack Obama. Why would she have Sarah Palin on her show? Why would you want her to? It makes absolutely no sense to me. I'm not a huge Oprah fan anymore (NOT because of the presidential election), but give her a break. You guys are being unfair and ridiculous.

Two days until some BIG games!!! ROLL TIDE!

Two days until I go to the beach!! YEA! I get to spend the weekend with some of my dearest friends. How fun will that be?! It's been far too long since I've gotten to hang out with these girls...kid-free, distraction free (well, except for football). FABULOUS!

If this zit on my face gets any bigger or stay any longer, I'll have to give it a name and start charging it rent. I mean, seriously!

Why do random people feel the need to tell my boys that they're going to hate their curly hair one day? It happens all the time. Is it really necessary to plant that seed in their brains? I think not. I immediately have to tell them that they have beautiful hair and that they are blessed to have their curls. They will not hate their curls. I hope not, anyway. Their daddy doesn't. I love their curls!

Tristan likes to play "Satan and Jesus". I'm usually Satan (as per his wishes). We fight. He pulls out his sword of the Spirit. Jesus always wins (sometimes I have to remind him of that when he wants to let me win). Is that weird? Do other people play "Satan and Jesus"?

What about you? Any random thoughts? If so, leave some for me in my comments or do your own post of random comments on your blog and leave me a comment to let me know. I LOVE knowing the strange things other people think about. It makes me feel slightly normal.


Rachael said...

HA HA HA!!! I LOVE it...we don't play "Satan and Jesus" but we do play "superman and the evil guy/gal". I always get stuck being the evil gal! Edward and Josiah play "God and Jonah" EVERY single time they go to the park. Edward chases Josiah around saying (in his best "God" voice), "Jonah...go to Ninevah" to which Josiah replies, "I will not go" and runs as fast as he can around the park. Edward catches him, picks him up, and puts him in the whale rocker. What will we ever do if they take away that whale rocker? Random thought about that game: it's funny how Josiah can run sooo fast at the park playing, "Jonah and God" but ran at turtle speed when playing soccer and tee ball! LOL!!!

The Hairston's said...

I now look forward to Thursdays so I can read your random thoughts! SO FUNNY!
Have fun at the beach this weekend! Love you!

Hillary Dunham said...

OOHH for the beach trip! I loved mine and I know you'll love yours, too! I would to peer into your thoughts every day! You are hilarious- esp. about the zit. I know that feeling! And we don't play Satan and Jesus, yet. I'll have to remember that one!

Donna said...

Great thoughts- I think I can ditto on most of them. Have fun with your sistas! Shelley, Jill, Kelly, and Jacqueline (all from my pledge class) are coming to my house this weekend to hang with me and Shana! Whoohoo! My house is no beach house- but at least we are getting girly time. The thing with "The View" is so ridiculous- Barbara doesn't even attempt to be objective.

The Greenfields said...

oh annie i hope that you have fun on your beach trip!

hey, someone asked me if noah's red tint to his hair was natural!!!! and it totally reminded me of the convo about getting perms for little kids- i guess people think little kids get dye jobs also!!!


Leslie said...

no i have NEVER heard of anyone anywhere playing Jesus vs. Satan! how can you let that happen??

here's some random thoughts of mine:

are the sores under caleb's nose from picking his nose or does he pick his nose because he has the sores under there?

should i continue to let josiah wear his faded blue big shirt with a bunch of big cats (meaning tigrs and so forth) on them because he loves the shirt or do i "accidentally" throw it away because it's on the hideous side?

is it possible that the guppy, frog and catfish in the fish bowl duke it out at night when nobody is watching? because the guppy appears to have a battle wound and is missing some parts to her tail and we have NEVER seen any of them have any aggression towards one another.

i feel sorry for the guppy because in our minds she is the only she in the tank and i don't like the idea of the boys picking on her when nobody's watching...i do have a video camera i could set up...

is it possible for a child to get some kind of brain damage from walking into walls/cars/trees/bicycle/poles/ and bushes all because this child is looking behind them when they are walking forward!? maybe that means the damage has already been done. hmmmm...

thanks for the laughs annie!

Leslie said...

So when and how did you decide to go back to work? I didn't know that. I thought your heart has always been to stay home.

annieck said...

Leslie, you CRACK ME UP!
My decision to one day teach again is a story that I definitely plan to share on one of my posts. There is much to share with why/how I've been led to this, but basically I want to help change schools from the inside out.
There's a whole lot more to it. I'm planning a post on it very soon. :)

Leslie said...

ooooh, goodie! i can't wait! are you planning to wait until asher is in school or are you itching to get out there? or what? what will channing do without you???!!! have you read that book i told you about forever ago about schools??? please say yes bc i'm always so disappointed when you say no. maybe i should just read it myself. :)

annieck said...

I don't know when I'll go back or in what exact form. I'm praying about it and going where God leads me. I feel really passionate about it, though, and want to have a part in what God is doing in public schools.
As for Channing, he'll probably be glad to be rid of me, sans the paying for someone. That will be his least favorite part! ;) No more watching me play on the internet!!! :)

I have to admit, I have not read that book. I still plan to, it's just that I am a huge researcher (it's kind of a problem), and the book didn't get the best reviews. I think I read that it was kind of simplistic. Not that I don't totally trust your opinion, but I couldn't remember if you had actually read it or if someone had told you about it. So, I've kind of had it on the back burner. I've just got SO many books going right now (another problem of mine, too many books going on at the same time. I just love books). I will definitely have to check it out at some point, though. I have other books that are helping guide me in this area, though. "The Power of a Praying Parent" is one, and I'm planning to join Moms-in-Touch when Tristan starts Paine in the fall. I'm really excited about that. :)