Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I just got a phone call from a patient's grandmother. She was calling for her daughter. She said her grandson (three years old) would miss several appointments because his dad was killed in a car accident yesterday.

My heart shattered! I just can't believe it. This sweet little boy has lost his father. His sweet mother lost her husband. She just had a baby a week and a half ago. So now she's left with a newborn and her three year old son to raise without her husband. I cannot imagine what she must be going through. PLEASE pray for this dear sweet family. Honestly, I cannot even begin to imagine the agony she must be feeling.

I only met W's dad once. He and D came to the x-ray report to see their son's x-rays. He was willing to do whatever it took to make sure his son got better. You could tell just how much his family meant to him. He will definitely be missed.

Thank you for your prayers for this sweet family. The viewing is tonight at 6 and the funeral tomorrow at 10.


LeAnne said...

Oh Annie...that is just awful!! I will stop and pray right now!! It is impossible to imagine the pain and sorrow in her devastating.