Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's November 19, and I'm Thankful For... sweet Tristan!Ok, so I haven't been sticking to my thankful posts each day (or any posts for that matter) because our mouse on our home computer died. Needless to say, I haven't had a chance to replace it yet, so the internet has just been skipped (probably a good thing).

Today, though, I had to share how thankful I am for my oldest and most cuddly son, Tristan. He is such an incredible blessing! Five and a half years ago, our lives (mine and Channing's) were turned upside down when we found out that we were expecting a baby...two years earlier than planned...and right as we were preparing to open our own business. Can I tell you, it was a total SHOCK? I had no idea how we would manage. Looking back, though, I see how God's hand was on us. Had it not been for the birth of Tristan, I don't think I could have possibly grasped God's love for me. Having Tristan brought my relationship with the Lord so much closer. I finally understood how and why He could love me so much, despite my many mistakes. I finally understood that maternal love I had heard so much about.

Tristan is such a special boy. His name means "bold", and I pray often that God will fill him with boldness as he serves Christ and leads others to Him. I pray that God's favor will be upon him at all times and that he will continue to have the sweet caring heart that characterizes him.

Tristan is my cuddly child. Oh there is no other cuddler like him! He and I were made for each other. While I love Asher with all my heart, he just doesn't enjoy a good cuddle like Tristan and I do. Whenever Channing is out of town, I always take advantage of my opportunity to snuggle with Tristan all night.

Tristan is a momma's boy and always has been. When it comes down to football choices, even, he always goes with my pick. What a sweet boy!!! I LOVE A MOMMA'S BOY! I mean, I married one, didn't I?

Here are some pictures from Tristan's Thanksgiving Feast at school today:
My happy little pilgrim and his feast. Oh how I love this kid!!!
My two big boys. How blessed I am!!!
So today, I am thankful for my sweet sweet Tristan. How about you? What/who are you thankful for today?


LeAnne said...

i also have a VERY cuddly 4 year old momma's boy and i am married to one, as well. AWESOME! wonder if the cuddliness comes with being the first born...RYAN LOVES TO CUDDLE!! LOVE the feast pictures...Tristan is such a cutie!!

The Hairston's said...

I'm thankful for that sweet little guy too! And Wow....maybe it is just because it has been forever since I've seen him last but he looks so big in those pictures!

Brandi said...

We are thankful for Tristan too. He is such a sweet, funny kid. I agree, he is looking so much bigger in those pictures. He is suppose to be a little one. What happened?