Monday, November 17, 2008

My Name is Annie, and I'm a Christmas Nazi

Ok, yes. I admit it. I am a self-described Christmas Nazi. When it comes to decorating for the holidays, I like things my way. As far as Channing goes, that's fine. He'd rather not have to help anyway. When it comes to Tristan, though, not so good. He is your typical four year old. He wants to help decorate the tree and decorate the house. Totally normal, right? Thing is, I don't want to share. Yes, I said it. I like to do it all myself.

It's not that I mind the help, it's just that I like things to look a certain way. I know, decorating the Christmas tree (trees at our house) is something that should be enjoyed by the whole family. I've seen the Christmas movies and the joy on the faces of the children. I saw the delight on Tristan's face when we pulled out our fake tree last year. I did let him decorate some of the tree last year. I just had a hard time passing the tree over and over and seeing tons of ornaments in the same spot on the bottom of the tree while the top looked bare. That was and is just SO hard for me. I had to fix it. I just had to.

I know it's a problem. At least I admit it. I am a Christmas Nazi. I'm trying to recover, but it's tough. Do you know that I have even contemplated putting up our fake tree while Tristan is sleeping...just so I can do it all by myself...the way I like it? Yep, I've got a problem. Am I alone in this? Are there any other Christmas Nazis out there? If so, tell me so I don't have to feel so awful. If not, if you're one of those parents who lets your kids take the full reigns...fill me in. How do you do it? Does it not bother you at all? I know, I know. The kids are more important. But still...I'm a recovering Christmasaholic. I need help!

Check out this tree...clearly decorated by kids. Sweet, but I just can't handle it.Every year, I fuss about having to put the lights on the tree. Channing used to try to help, but I would always take over. "You're not doing it right. Squint. Seeeeeeeeeeee...there need to be more lights over there. Oh, I'll just do it." Yeah, he doesn't really jump up to put the lights on the trees anymore. He knows what to expect: complaining from me because I have to do it. Thing is, he'd rather hear that than have me take it away from him.

Scary, right? Ok, that's my confession for the day. You got anything?


Eve said...

I have to say that I'm pretty much like that, too. This year, though, now that Genna is old enough to be interested, I am going to TRY really hard to let her help. Brian does do the lights and he's good at it, but I do everything else and I like it that way.

dev said...

I'm that way about the lights, too! I'm thinking about getting a small tree for the girls to decorate for their room this year. That way I can make the big tree look pretty, and they can make the little one their own!

Karen said...

I'm sure it will be tempting to be this way once we have little ones ready to help! Jon and I like our decorations our way too. However, we also want our kids to enjoy several traditions etc. that we have decided to enjoy together as a decorating the tree. My mom always had a great plan for letting us help and I think I will try these same ideas with our kiddos....let the kids put the hooks on the ornaments, let each kid have their own tree in their room that they can decorate their own way with their own homemade ornaments from school etc. and let them fall asleep with their tree on at night, and let them put the presents under the tree. We always enjoyed "helping" with these things. By the way in reference to your comment on facebook....yes we do enjoy Thanksgiving a LOT :) but we had to decorate for Christmas this weekend because we are out of town the next three weekends and won't be having Thanksgiving here but in GA. I wasn't going to wait until the second weekend in December to decorate...I've got to enjoy all that hard work for longer than that :) Have fun decorating at your house...see ya tonight! :)

annieck said...

I LOVE the idea of the kids having their own trees. I literally want a tree in every room of our house. I have plenty of decorations, it's the trees I don't have.
Every year, once Christmas is over, I say I'm going to buy some fake trees when their prices are low. Every year, though, our budget is too tight, and it never happens. Maybe I just need to suck it up and buy Tristan one for his room that he can decorate any way he wants. :) Thanks for the push!
Karen, I am normally all about decorating early too. For some reason, I am REALLY craving Thanksgiving this year. It is SO strange. I admit, though, I have been listening to 96.5 Christmas music. I just LOVE Christmas!
I was just teasing you about decorating early. SO many people I know are already decorating. I mean, it takes SO long to get everything out (it does for me anyway), so the earlier, the better. We'll probably put up our dining room tree this week because we'll be out of town next week. I was waiting until after small group tonight. :)
I love Christmas traditions. Once December gets here, I'm going to start sharing some of ours. Can't wait!!!

Brandi said...

Annie, check Hobby Lobby if you want to get a small tree for Tristan's room. I got a tiny tree (seriously tiny, like 1 foot tall) for HC's room and some itty-bitty ornaments. I think I spent like $5. They put their Christmas stuff on sale before Christmas. I love that store. Plus it is a Christian run store!

annieck said...

GREAT! Thanks, Brandi! Can you believe I've never been in that store?! I've heard nothing but great things and still have not made it. I will have to make a trip! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, so funny! I'm exactyly the same way! The first year Bobby and I were married, he surprised me by putting up the tree and decorating it while I was at work. Although I was excited to see the tree when I got home, I pretty much rearranged the whole thing anyway. I totally understand your problem! Wonder if there's some kind of support group or Christmasaholic helpline we could call??!!

Hillary Dunham said...

Um, Owen has his own tree that he can decorate thank. you. very. much. Mama's tree is pretty. :-)

Grethel Van Epps said...

you're too funny!!.. I'm one of the moms who doesn't care about how the tree looks.. actually for the past 3 years we haven't put decorations in it other than lights because I've had babies all the time that were trying to eat everything from the tree.. so we just didn't put decorations.. :)
I bet your house looks super nice.. you'll need to share pics!