Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No More Sulking

Yes, I'm disappointed. You may be too. Barack Obama was not, is not, my ideal candidate for president of the United States. Thing is, it doesn't matter. America has spoken, and for better or for worse, he will be our next president. So I am committing to pray for him and for his family. I hope you will too. Let's lay our differences aside and submit to him the way that God directs us to in His Word.

Today, I am moving on. I refuse to spend time sulking and stating over and over again that God is in control and that He is sovereign. Yes, He is both. I have committed it to memory. I just refuse to continue to sulk and to bash Obama and his crazy policies (ooops! Sorry! I'm really going to stop). Today, I am choosing to focus on something that brings me more joy...

ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE FOOTBALL!!!That's right, folks. Alabama football has been keeping this state excited this year. They are currently 9-0 and are the #1 team in the nation. It's just the right kind of excitement for me. This weekend, the Tide will travel to Baton Rouge to take on the corndogs...oops! I mean, the Tigers. If they beat the Tigers, as I hope they will, they will seal their spot in the SEC championship game in Atlanta. How exciting is that?!

I must admit, I am quite nervous about this game. There are many reasons the corndogs (man! I mean Tigers) want to beat us. #1. We have their coach. They love 'em some Nick Saban and are still bitter that he left them for the NFL, only to end up at a rival school. Tigers, get over it! He looks better in crimson anyway. #2. We're the #1 team in the nation. Who wouldn't want to beat us? #3. Our team colors are more (ok, way more) appealing than LSU's. Purple and gold (they say it's gold. I say it's yellow)? Hideous!

Combine those reasons with the fact that LSU has been stomped by Georgia and Florida, and you'll see why they really want to win. You see, their team (a mediocre LSU team) won the national championship last year...with two losses. They've already copied their two losses, and they're hoping Bama won't make it three this weekend. One thing's for sure, though, they won't be going to any national championships this year...unless they've got a ticket.

So this weekend, I'll be nervously watching the Tide take on the Tigers in Baton Rouge. I'm sure there will be lots of yelling, but I can't imagine a more fun day!

What's bring you joy in the midst of all the chaos?


LeAnne said...

good call...time to move on to some football!! ROLL TIDE!!

Brandi said...

In our sadness this morning I copied your idea. I told Shane at least we are #1. This lead to a day of what we were thankful for. Some silly but some great ones. My favorite....bisquits. I love my husband:-)