Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Local Celebrities

Yep, that's us. Just your local celebrities...made famous by eating at Willy T's... Channing's favorite fast food restaurant. Nothing like having your picture in the paper when:

  • You're having a bad hair day
  • You're baby is still in his LUNCH!
  • You're trying to encourage your patients to eat healthy, and you've just scarfed down fried (and grilled, to be fair) chicken fingers


Leslie said...

Hahaah! That is hilarious! Willy T's and the local chiropractor/health famliy! Too funny with the pjs and everything. But how do you say no?
"Um, no thanks, I'm not liking my hair right now and as you can see my son is still in his pajamas and really this is our secret dining pleasure not to be publicized. Sorry. But thanks anyway. ;)" Hahaha!

annieck said...

Exactly!!! You have me laughing so hard! =)

Anonymous said...

ohhh, i love it!! i think it's an adorable picture anyway! ;)

Anonymous said...

Only my daughter.



Anonymous said...

love it love it love it!!! i want your autograph the next time i see you!!


annieck said...

Just for you, my friend!!! :)

AngelGirl said...

soooo funny!!!! you can't even tell asher is in PJ's...i mean the way you are hiding him behind the GI-NORMOUS cup of sugar packed soda and all!!! haha!! at least tristan isn't still in pj's!! (like mac is today) hah!!! so funny!