Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's November 11, and I'm Thankful For...

the cough trick!
Well, that's what we call it in our house. Asher has had a cough on and off for a couple of weeks, and we've been giving him a spoonful of honey, which usually helps. Well this week, he has decided he will no longer take the honey. Grrrrrrrrrreat. So the night before last, as I was up with him at 2 a.m., I remembered the home remedy my sorority sister, Kelli, shared with me. How could I have forgotten about it??? Yesterday, before I left work for home, I headed down to Winn Dixie to get some Vicks Vapor Rub.

So here's the trick Kelli shared. You may already know about it, but I didn't. Word has it that if you put Vicks Vapor Rub on your feet at bedtime, and then wear socks over it, you won't cough during the night. I decided to try it with both boys last night. The result...Asher was cough-free for half the night! I know that doesn't sound like much, but compared to the night before last, it was FANTASTIC. At that point, I probably should have reapplied some, but I didn't. I just soothed him back to sleep.

Tristan's results were even better. He was cough-free until 7:00 this morning. SCORE!!! This is great for him because he refuses the honey. He will let me do rice krispie ears, and that usually helps, but this is something great to go along with it.

So, today I am thankful for the home remedy that Kelli shared. It made a HUGE difference for a sleep-deprived momma!!! THANKS, KELLI!!!


LeAnne said...

the vaporub on the feet TOTALLY works. i read it online last year and tried it...AMAZING!!

~k said...

YAY Annie! SO glad it worked for you! Thanks for the kudos by the way!
I've been enjoying the things you are thankful for- so glad you started it!

holly said...

ok, didn't know kelli was a blogger. anyone else on your very long list of bloggers I need to know about?

annieck said...

Holly, let me do the hard work for you, my friend. :)

Here are the Alpha Gams I've got:

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~w said...

we do this ALL of the time. chest, back, neck and FEET! works like a charm! weird, huh?

Brandy said...

My Grandmother lived by this trick! I remember as a child being rubbed down with Vicks on my feet so I could get some sleep! Hope Asher gets better soon!

holly said...

thanks nannie! i never would've known!

Donna said...

We do the feet thing- we did it last night. It really does work miracles!