Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday to you! I'm back for another weekly installment of my random thoughts...just strange and random things that have popped into my head this week. Some are more profound than others (Oh! I will not be sharing any political thoughts from the week. I am SO over politics!). :) So here goes:
Chick-fil-A and Publix...two of my very favorite places. I love that both places have excellent customer service and offer great deals. They both strive to please their customers and go out of their way to do so. Fast food restaurants, grocery stores, take notice! If you want to be great, learn from the best. I rarely shop at any other grocery store...and our office is in a Winn Dixie shopping center.

Ok, so I know a lot of stores are playing Christmas music and are decked out in Christmas decorations, but I was SHOCKED to change my radio station, from its usual position on sports radio, to another station only to hear CHRISTMAS MUSIC! Christmas music at the beginning of November! Seriously, I LOVE Christmas. It is my absolute favorite holiday. I love focusing on the birth of Jesus, on decorating, on seeing everyone else's decorations, giving, Santa, Christmas music, the whole shabang. However, can we at least enjoy Thanksgiving before the radio stations transition to Christmas? I mean, I see what the stores have to gain, but the radio? Are they in cahoots, or what?

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I am SO craving a Thanksgiving feast. Again this year, my boys and I will be heading down to my parents to enjoy my grandmother's cooking. There's nothing like it! Bring on the dressing, cranberry sauce, dumplings, sweet potato casserole, fruit salad... Oh I could go on, but I'm already hungry. I better stop there. Bring on Thanksgiving!!!

So Asher has been able to get up and down our stairs for months. Now, all of a sudden, he thinks he's too cool to crawl up and down the stairs. He much prefers to be chauffeured. Every time he wants to go up or down, I hear, "Me up! Me up!" Yeah, not so fun.

Asher and Tristan started a new "thing" a couple of days ago. Tristan calls it "feet fighting". Feet fighting is simply this...the boys lay on a bed (or wherever), feet to feet, and they kick each other. Feet fighting. Oh yeah. Bring on the fun times. Bring on the tears.

I have an issue with fruit. I love fruit. I really do; however, if my fruit has the slightest bruise, bump, or blemish, I can't eat it. Is that weird? If I even suspect my apple has a bruise, it's going in the trash. If I see a fruit fly buzzing around the fruit in the grocery store, it's staying there. Am I alone in this?

Do you know that some man (I mean, it would have to be a man, right?) has created GPS lingerie. Yes, that's right...GPS lingerie. Ok 1. Why in the world do you need GPS lingerie? If you're looking for your wife or girlfriend, just call her. Seriously. And 2. It costs $800. $800 for GPS lingerie! That's nuts!!! Would you buy GPS lingerie, even if you have a spare $800 laying around? This just seems like a super strange invention.

Ok, everyone. Take notice! The first flying car has been produced, and in two years, you can have your very own model. For the low low price of $800,000, you could purchase one of these great marvels. These cars have the ability to lift you out of traffic and fly you to where you want to go. Yep, $800,000, small price to pay for such a desperate need, right? Sign me up.

Coach Fulmer has officially announced that he will not be serving as head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers next year. Ok, I'm not a big Fulmer fan, but just like with the other fired coaches, my heart aches for him. I hate to see anyone fired. Sorry Fulmer! At least you're not the only one. Coach Bowden will and Tubby too may both be looking for jobs with you. Maybe you can get together and tweak your resumes.

Alabama is #1. Yep, #1. We haven't been #1, well, in forever. Most of the fans are ecstatic, but it just makes me completely nervous. I mean, every number one team has fallen from the ranking. Is it going to be our turn this weekend against the LSU Tigers? Oh man, I hope not. I SO want to beat them. ROLL TIDE!!!

The Snuggie...has anyone seen this blanket? I saw it on a commercial the other night. It's a blanket with sleeves. The whole purpose is that you can still use your arms while keeping covered and warm under you snuggie blanket. The snuggie looks really strange, especially when you see a family of four all laughing and snugged up in them while playing cards, but I actually think it's a good idea. It's not so good that I'm going to order one, but good idea, nonetheless. Oh wait...if you order one, you get a free book light...
Woo hoo! That might just change my mind!!!

Is it weird that I haven't set my clock back (the one beside my bed)? You see, psychologically, it feels so good to know that it's not as late as my clock says it is. It makes me so happy. Is that strange???

Ok, so if you've been reading my random thoughts, you know I take notice of unique products I see on infomercials or commercials. Above, I mentioned the Snuggie. Well, a couple of nights ago, I saw a super strange product. It's called the Bust Holder Bra. "Lift, Shape, and Increase Your Bustline. Throw all your other bras away. You'll never want to wear another bra." Um, people, this "bra" is basically two pasties. How does that support anyone...anyone that's not Paris Hilton? I really don't get it. It really is a strange product.

That's all I got. Any random thoughts to share? If so, don't be shy! Leave them in my comments section, or better yet, make your own list and link us back. Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

ok...i think thursday's random thoughts get better and better every week!!! i am DYING over the snuggie!! i saw LOTS of infomercials during the early gianna days and i was nursing in the middle of the night...but NEVER have i seen anything this funny! i love how the woman acts so frustrated to answer the phone, as if she's in the middle of a blizzard and going to get immediate frostbite from letting her hands escape the blanket!! i mean, turn on your heater, people!! so great, annie!! you literally made my day with this! i so needed that at 7:30 in the morning! ;)