Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's November 20, and I'm Thankful For... little Asher.What can I say about my little Asher? He is such a joy! It's amazing how two kids can have such different personalities. He and Tristan are night and day, and I am so fortunate to be able to enjoy both!

Asher is pretty independent (unless we want to leave him in the church nursery). He likes to play baseball (he figured out much faster than Tristan did~the perks of having a big brother, I guess). He loves his daddy, but he's coming around to the mommy side these days. So there's still hope. I may end up with two momma's boys! He's funny and knows it too. Asher is quick to tell a joke and to laugh...and to make sure that we laugh too. He loves to be silly, do animal sounds (so far he knows his cat, dog, dinosaur, lion, duck, frog, and elephant), and to jump (although his feet rarely leave the ground). He loves to dance in his noodle (aka no clothes) and to chase and be chased. His current passion is puppies. If you want to find a spot in his heart, just bring your dog along!

Having Asher has brought me so much joy. He is a that I thank God for every day. I can't tell you the feeling I have when I see my two boys laugh and play together. It truly is indescribable. I am blessed!

So today, I am thankful for my little tiny Ash be-dash. How about you? What/who are you thankful for today?


The Hairston's said...

Sweet Ash! I love that boy!