Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts

Happy Thursday to you! I'm back for another weekly installment of my random thoughts...just strange and random things that have popped into my head this week. Some are more profound than others. This week, I'm kind of drawing a blank. I think I've been too busy to think! Here goes:This is our Christmas card from last year, designed by my super sweet friend, Leisha. She's one of those people I talk about in my first random thought. Love you, Leisha!!!

Ok, why are some people SO artistic and creative? I just don't get it. Why can't I have some of that? I mean, I walked into a store today and fell in complete love with this amazing display of photography artwork. I want that! I want to be able to do that with a camera and with my kids. Alas, art and creativity are lost on me. I guess it just gives me more appreciation for those that have it. You guys know who you are. You see something once and say, "Oh, I can do that." What?! How???

Am I the only person who sees recipes with five or more ingredients and says, "No way. I want something easier"? That's what I do these days. As soon as I see more than one unrecognizable spice, I turn away. No thanks, not for me. I just have time for easy, actually really really easy. Am I alone in this?

The Iron Bowl. I am SO ready for that game to come and go. Yes, I'm excited to watch it. Alabama should definitely win this year. However, those of us who watch SEC college football know that there is no such thing as a sure thing, especially when it comes to the Iron Bowl. I mean, I just want Bama to break that streak. Seriously, how embarrassing would it be to go 11-1 this year, and that one loss to be to AUBURN (not counting the SEC Championship). Stinky 'ole Auburn who has had a WAY less than stellar season? Oh, that would be pretty terrible. I rank that right up there with having to eat a spoonful of mayonnaise. YUCK!

Pedi Paws. How does that thing work? Every time I see the commercial, I think...Doesn't that hurt? It looks like it should hurt. Does it not? Do dogs actually enjoy it? And more importantly, can it be used on male toenails...of the human species???

Christmas! It's almost here!!! Yippee!!! I just love it! I love everything about it. I can't wait to put up our trees (still trying to decide if I need to do it while Tristan is in school~ I'm so bad!), the wreaths, the decorations! I love singing the songs, the baking, the driving around and looking at lights (with LOW gas prices! Praise the Lord! Last year, our driving around was kept to a minimum).

Adults who smoke all over their children disturb me. Every time I greet a sweet little baby (in the church nursery, in the classroom, at a store), and their clothes reek of smoke, I just want to grab those parents, wag my finger in their faces, and scold them like school children. It is NOT OK to smoke all over your kids, people! If you choose to kill yourself with your cancer sticks, that is your choice. Don't choose that for your kids. They deserve the best, and that is not giving them the best. PLEASE!

Speaking of smoking, my heart breaks for those who are hooked. I mean, from what I hear, it's a super tough habit to break. Sad thing is, I think most people start because they want to impress someone. I mean, many people like the taste of cigarettes the first time or two they try it? I can say from personal experience (because I tried it several times over the years), I hated it EVERY time. It was awful! How does it become enjoyable? I know it's addicting, and it gets people, but it's just lost on me.

Do you ever get Facebook friend requests from people you remember from high school or middle school who were kind of scary? People that you were afraid to talk to then, and still seem to live scary lives? What do you do? I always "friend" them but usually feel kind of awkward. Not really sharing the love of Christ, huh? I should work on that.

Does anyone else out there stink at making breakfast? I ask because I do. I really really do. I am the absolute worst breakfast maker on the planet. I'm sure of it. I don't know why because I think I'm a pretty decent cook. For some reason, though, when it comes to making grits, pancakes, waffles (the real ones, not Eggo. I mean, I'm not that bad)...all those other real breakfast foods, I stink! I can make a mean bowl of cereal or instant oatmeal, but that's about it. I'm pretty sure my MIL thinks I'm a slacker. You see, she makes breakfast for my boys and me every time we're with them. And whenever we take friends to their lakehouse, she always tells me, "I've got breakfast stuff in the fridge...eggs, pancakes, grits...". I'm sure she's thinking, "You're hosting your friends. A good host cooks." And I would. I really really would, I just can't do it. We had some friends come stay with us at the lake this summer, and they had to cook the breakfast. I'm that bad. Last night for dinner, I made breakfast for dinner...pancakes and grits. I followed the directions on the boxes EXACTLY, yet my grits were WAY too thick and my pancakes were WAY too thin. What in the world?! Do I need some kind of degree to make breakfast? I give up. Back to cereal and breakfast bars for my family. I'm not sure if that fits in the whole Proverbs 31 woman, but it's all I can do. I can make a mean breakfast casserole. Maybe we can just eat those every day.

"Why don't people support our city's stores?" "They wouldn't all keep closing if people would support them." "I like those little shops." Yep, these are some of the phrases I frequently say as I pass by all the cute little boutiques in my town. Thing is, I rarely buy anything in them (or even shop in them~I feel guilty if I don't buy something) because my budget never has room. Yeah, that's kind of a problem. I need to stop accusing everyone else. I guess I think everyone else in town can do it and should. Hmmmm....maybe there are more people like me out there than I realize?

Christmas cards! It's almost time for Christmas cards! I absolutely love it! I love opening my mailbox each day and finding beautiful pictures of sweet kids, pets, and families. It's like getting Christmas presents every day! Come on cards, start flooding!!! If you don't send me your Christmas card, you really should. It makes my day. :)

Ok, that's all I've got. Any random thoughts to share? If so, don't be shy! Leave them in my comments section, or better yet, make your own list and link us back. Happy Thursday!


Brandy said...

Love reading this each week! You are such an interesting person! Email me your address and a card will be on its way!

Brandy said...

holly said...

exactly why i don't do facebook

Brandi said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Christmas cards too. Shane knows I prefer checking the mail during Christmas time because I'm like a kid on Christmas morning. "Look we got 3 today!!!"
My random thought for the day: You take lots of cute pictures of your boys on the stairs. Maybe I should put HC on the stairs and take some pictures:-)

The Hairston's said...

I also LOVE getting Christmas cards....especially the ones with pictures!
If you makes you feel better, I'm a horrible breakfast maker too! I can not cook an egg to save my life!

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

hahah brandi- that is so true, annie does have a lot of pics of the kids on the stairs :)

and annie, i am sooooo with you on the ingredients thing- 1/2 the time i don't even read the entire recipe if it just looks even remotely challenging. i hate it when people are like "oh it's simple" and then they give me a book of ingredients/instructions. they shouldn't get my hopes up only to crush them!

Jeremy and Michelle said...

I'm with you on the facebook friends you weren't really all that friendly with in highschool. Just the other day a guy I had a couple of classes with "friended" me and I accepted and then I started thinking - I don't know anything about this guy - haven't seen him in 15 years, for all I know he could be a huge perv! Here I have all these blocks on my page so not just any ol' body can wander in and I just open the door wide open for some guy I don't even really know. I know a lot of people like to see how many friends they can get on facebook - like it's a reflection of them or something - and I kind of got caught up in that too but I've decided to be more selective. I've even defriended one guy that I thought I knew and then realized it wasn't even who I thought it was! I mean, do these people that have over 500 people really know all those people all that well?
Wow - long post, guess that's my random thought for the day as well.
Also with ya' on the ingredients. I don't even know what most spices are or do in my food so if it's not a dash of salt or pepper I tend to keep flipping through the recipes!

annieck said...

I hear ya, Michelle! I think I need to de-clutter my facebook!
Brandi and Rachel, you two are SO right. I do take a lot on the stairs! Never thought of that!!! Ha! Stuck in a rut, I guess. :)
Leisha, LOVED the Thanksgiving card. Brought a HUGE smile to my face!