Monday, November 26, 2007

The bigger they are...

the harder they fall!!!
This past weekend was a crazy one in college football, to say the least. Friday started the weekend off right...Arkansas beat LSU in overtime. I was thrilled! Not only did the #1 team get pulled from its seat upon the throne, but it also allowed a team who needed a boost to get a HUGE one. Way to go HOGS!
That was where the great weekend ended for me. I pulled for Virginia against Virginia Tech because I wanted to see an underdog win, but all my cheering was to no avail. Virginia Tech won.
Georgia beat Georgia Tech, so the hubby was happy but not happy enough. He was distressed because Kentucky lost to Tennessee in the fourth overtime! It was an amazing game, and we were hoping Kentucky would pull it out (they should have made that touchdown before the 1st overtime!) so that Georgia could go to the SEC championship, but it didn't happen (ok, does anyone else have a problem with a team who has lost three games going to the championship?! Crazy year!).
Then came the BIG game...the IRON BOWL. Let me just start off by saying that this is the first year that I haven't had Tristan decked out in his Bama gear all week. I mean, I still roll with the Tide no matter their record, but I just wasn't feeling too festive about the Iron Bowl this year. Saturday night reminded me why...we looked rough, really rough! And yes, we lost AGAIN...for the sixth straight year!!! Normally, this loss eats me up, but not this year. Sadly, I expected it. I have high hopes for next year, though. There is talk that Bama has several players who have refused to cooperate with Saban's plans; however, I am hopeful that next year he will have a more cooperative team. Good riddance to the selfish players who don't run their routes and give it their all. Good riddance to those who could care less about any of the other players or their team. I'm ready for a new beginning, and I think next year will be the real start of that. ROLL TIDE!
I can't close this post without commenting on all the wild coaching firings and changes. What a year! As it stands today, like 9 coaches have been fired. WHOA! Now there are constant rumors and speculations as to who will go where. I can't wait to see how this coaching carousel plays out. And to those of you LSU fans who have had nothing but harsh words and feelings for Les Miles, I bet you'll be saying goodbye to him. I hope you won't regret the way you treated him.