Monday, November 5, 2007

Not my perfect Saturday

We walk into Samford stadium, and the majority of the fans are already upset. We quickly glance at the scoreboard to see what is going on, and this is what we see...

I was thrilled! Troy put the first numbers on the board. They were leading the game 3-0! Channing was less than thrilled, as you can imagine. Georgia is his #1. Even though he (and his brother) went to Troy, he remains loyal to his #1. To me, you should always stick with your alma mater, but then Alabama hasn't had to face Troy. Until that day comes, I shall not judge. :)

Later in the game, this is Troy continuing to do well...

That is where the scoreboard pictures end for that game because that was the last time Troy was on top. Although I was disappointed in the final score, I am SO PROUD of my Trojans!!! They played so well and nearly upset a #10 school. WAY TO GO TROY!!!
Prior to the game, Tristan got to meet a really important part of the Georgia team. Check it out!

Due to the HUGE audience, he was a little nervous and I was unable to get a great picture. It was cool that he got to meet UGA, though.
Here he is reuniting with Hairy Dog...

Asher started the game strong and excited.

However, by halftime, this is what he was doing...

Ok, so that was that game. So far, my perfect day is just going ok. Then someone updates me on the Auburn game. Surprise surprise...they won. My day is now less than's kind of an uuugh day. Next came the BIG GAME...the Alabama/LSU game. I'm sure lots of you saw it. If you didn't, shame on you! I won't go through the details play by play, however, I want to highlight a couple of things. First off, I was really impressed with the way Bama played. They played a FANTASTIC game! I mean, this is a team that has had numerous coaching changes over the past few years, probation sanctions, loss of scholarships, and lack of respect. Before the season began, little was expected of our Tide. Anyway...on with this game. Alabama played #3 LSU, and nearly caused an upset...nearly. LSU muscled through and won the game. We lost, and I can accept that, but please let me say something to Major Applewhite (who I love and respect, by the way).
With five minutes left in the game, you're up by seven, and it's 3rd and 5, you DON'T GO DEEP!!! You do what you can do to get the first down. You take your sweet time, and do what you can to keep the ball away from the opposing team, especially when that team is #3 LSU! When JPW got the call to go deep (to a receiver who has double coverage, btw), I freaked! Most people say the fumble by JPW caused the loss, but I say it was going deep on 3rd and 5 with 5 minutes left in the game. That one play made me so upset (It clearly upset Coach Saban too because he was yelling and screaming into his headphones/microphone)! Channing's dad agreed with me, although he didn't see it, but Channing says that they were probably trying to surprise LSU. Well they surprised them alright...with getting the ball back! He says, "Who's to say they would have gotten the 1st down by running it?" Well I say they would have had a much better chance, and even if they had not gotten the first down, the clock would have kept running. We would have had a greater chance of stopping LSU, or at the very least of making the game go into overtime. AAAGH!
In the hotel room, Asher woke up a lot that night (and the night before. It was miserable. He likes his bed.). Every time I got up with him, that was my first thought...why go deep with 3rd and 5 with 5 minutes left?! It has haunted me, but now I've got to let it go. What's done is done.
Bama, I'm proud of how well you played! You looked great!! There are three more games for you to go out and win. You can do it! I have faith in you!!! Roll Tide!!!