Tuesday, November 20, 2007


"You hide over there...right over there, Daddy; right behind the door! I'll count to ten, then I'll come find you!"
These are words heard daily in our home. Channing and I laugh every time we play hide-n-seek with Tristan because he usually tells us where to hide, especially Channing. He gives Channing specifics..."Daddy, hide right behind the shower curtain, and I'll come find you."
Once he's found us in our super "secretive" hiding spots, he tells us to close our eyes, count to ten, and then find him. He's usually pretty easy to find because as soon as you say ten, he has something to say. It usually goes like this...
Channing: ...8, 9, 10.
Tristan: Daddy, you forgot to say, ready or not here I come!
Channing: Oh! Ready or not, here I come!
Tristan: Ha! Ha! Ha! Find me, Daddy! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Channing (usually standing right beside Tristan's "hiding" place): Are you upstairs?
Tristan: No! Ha! Ha!
Channing: Are you behind the couch?
Tristan: Nooooo! Ha! Ha!
This usually goes on until Channing finally "finds" him, and then it starts over. It is absolutely hilarious! It reminds me of a game my sister used to play when she was little (she's 18 years younger than I). She would pick a person to play with her, and this is how the game would go.
Tori: I'm an animal. Guess which animal I am. I have black and white stripes, a tail, four legs, and zebra eyes. What am I?
Did you catch the part about the eyes? It was so funny! We would always pretend like it was so hard to figure out what kind of animal she was describing.
I love this age!!! Their little minds are so precious.