Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It Started Off Sweet

After Tristan's Thanksgiving Feast, the boys and I met Channing and his mom for lunch. Asher had just woken up from his nap, so he was in a great mood...at least for the first 15 minutes.

As you can see in the picture below, Asher's smile is starting to fade. Although Tristan is being sweet by giving him a kiss, Asher knows something else is coming...I think he could sense it.
Not long after this sweet picture was taken, I had my head turned talking to Channing when I heard a scream followed by a faint cry. That's when Channing's mom told me Tristan had just bitten (yes, bitten!) Asher's foot. Poor little Asher! His foot had Tristan's teeth marks in his foot. It was all red.. Why Tristan bit him, I'll never know. He never bites anyone. He's just not a biter. I guess Asher was too sweet to resist. I think he sees me bite on his feet and doesn't realize how much his HARD bite hurts. I honestly don't think he intended to harm him, but I could be wrong about that.
I guess this is just one of the many hurts these boys will inflict on each other in the coming years. Fortunately, Asher is already a tough kid.
I'm actually looking forward to the day that he can stand up for himself against his big brother. A day of reckoning is approaching!


Ole Miss Mom said...

Are you about to be inducted into the "Mom's of biters Club"??? I hope not! Hopefully he did it out of excitement or something!

But i TOTALLY understand how you feel! :-)

annieck said...

I am officially branding my kid with a "B"! :D

MorningSong said...

The scarlet "B" continues to be passed along. I will notify the nursery workers of this incident so that Tristan won't miss his "B" on his name tag next Sunday! :)

I'm here for you ya know!! haha

annieck said...

I appreciate that. That's what I like about you, morningsong, you're always looking out for us Bama fans. ;)
You don't think they would mind if I scribbled over the "B" with my permanent marker do you? ;)