Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My little ham

This is my little little attention seeker. He is the funniest thing ever! No matter what he is doing or who has him, he is always looking around to make sure that everyone else sees him.
For instance, if I am holding him and he wants to give me a kiss, he'll first look to be sure his daddy is watching, he'll kiss me, then quickly look back to be sure that his daddy saw the whole thing. This is usually followed up by a big smile and a repeat of his actions. It's hilarious!
He does this every day over and over and over again. It kind of makes us wonder if he's going to be an entertainer or if he is going to seek out our attention continually as he grows. Either way, I'll be glad to support him. I could stare at my little ham all day long! I am so thankful to God for sharing this little man with me!


Rachael said...

How sweet!

The Hairston's said...

He's such a big boy!

MorningSong said...

That is funny! I love that their personalities are so fun to discover as they grow bigger and bigger!