Tuesday, November 6, 2007


This is very interesting. This morning while watching Good Morning America, they were talking about something they had on their website called Match-O-Matic. You click on it, answer some questions based on major issues in this presidential election and our country, and it matches you to the candidates who most share your views.
Here were my top three in order:
1. Mike Huckabee
2. John McCain
3. Bill Richardson
I can't say I am too surprised. I am already a big supporter of John McCain, unfortunately, he doesn't look like he has much of a shot. In fact, against Hillary Clinton, I don't know who does. As for Mike Huckabee, I'm learning more about him. I've watched a couple of the Republican debates and parts of the Democratic too. I want to make sure I make an educated decision about who I vote to be in the leadership chair of our country.
If you get a minute, check out abc.com and do the Match-O-Matic quiz.