Monday, November 5, 2007

Touchdown Mommy!

As you can see from the pictures, my boys enjoyed playing football this past weekend while we were in Athens. They had a blast. Every time Tristan goes to Athens, he makes sure that he is taken to the Georgia practice fields for some tackling, kicking, and chasing. It's a tradition.

While I enjoy playing football with the boys, I often count my tiny battles at home as touchdowns. Let me give you an example. Asher is 6 1/2 months old, and is super interested in food, but not just any food...our food. I was so excited when he turned 6 months old because I was finally able to feed him rice cereal, a favorite of Tristan's when he was a baby. Well guess what? He didn't like it. I kept thinking he would catch on, but he never did. So I did what any mom would do, I went on to the next kind. The next thing I tried was oatmeal. I got a slightly better reaction, like maybe he kind of liked it, but it was fleeting. After a couple of days of oatmeal, he started gagging whenever I would give him any. I started to stress. I mean, what kind of baby doesn't like cereal?! I know, I know...put some fruit in it. I just really don't want to have to do that. I want him to learn to enjoy veggies before I fill him full of the "good" stuff.
The funny thing in all this is that while it may appear that maybe he's not ready for food, he is SO interested in what we're eating! Case in point, a couple of weeks ago we had dinner at a pizza restaurant. He kept reaching for the pizza so we finally let him gum the crust. He loved it! Then last weekend at the game (let me warn you...this is BAD!), Tristan asked for some of "that tall sticky know, rotten candy". We got him some, I turned around for two seconds, and I turned back to see Channing letting him taste it. And as I'm sure you can guess...he LOVED it! Not good.
Well tonight I apprehensively presented him with sweet peas. Hallelujah! He actually liked them!!! Woo hoo! The kid will eat something besides Mommy's milk, pizza, and cotton candy. Touchdown Mommy!!!


Rachael said...

How cute!!! I can't believe it's already time for Asher to eat solid foods!!! It seems like yesterday that we were at the hospital meeting this sweet little guy for the first time. Crazy! I am sooo happy he likes the peas! That's my plan next time also...introduce veggies first. Go Mommy!!!

annieck said...

I can't believe he's so big myself!!!
Yeah, you may want to introduce veggies BEFORE cotton candy..just a thought. ;) Ha!

The Hairston's said...

I love the football pictures! I'm going to save them so I can get lots of money for them when Tristan goes pro! =)