Friday, November 9, 2007

My big snuggler

Can I tell you, I love this kid!!! He just delights my heart. This is my sweet Tristan, my big snuggler. I am such a snuggler, and thankfully God blessed me with a little boy who likes to snuggle as much as I do. Of my two beautiful boys, Tristan is the one who always wants to be right next to me. He wants to sit really close, and rub my hair as he watches his shows, reads books, or just relaxes. I love it!!
Channing and I were in a small group a few years back at church; it was The Five Love Languages. Having completed that study, I can definitely say that Tristan's love languages are touch and quality time. I love giving him both.
It's so sweet now that we have Asher to see Tristan snuggle him. It's precious. Asher has become a comfort for Tristan. Any time Asher is sitting somewhere, Tristan wants to be right next to him. He likes to sit by him when he eats, he likes to sit by him and hold his hand when he watches t.v. , he likes to hold his hand while I nurse him (and by him, I mean Asher). It just melts my heart!
Although the age of three with Tristan has been a challenge for Channing and me, I wouldn't trade it for the world. For every challenge he gives us, the reward is abundantly greater. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family of boys. I have my patient, caring, and loving husband, my precious little ham, and my big snuggler. What more could a woman need?
Thank you , God, for loving me and sharing these wonderful boys with me!! I truly am blessed beyond measure.


The Hairston's said...

I love that kid too!!