Tuesday, November 6, 2007

So frustrating!

Ok, so I was tired of looking at the pink rockstar background I had on my blog and decided to change it. I found this blue background, and thought it would be a nice change. What I did not realize was that when I changed my background, it would erase nearly everything I had saved on my page! MAN! I had to redo everything and lost some things. I had to restart my clustr map and redo my list of blogs. Some of my blogs are now missing, and I have to figure out how to find them again.
Next time, I'll heed the warning to back up all my data before changing my background!


Anonymous said...

i really like your new background and your stories crack me up. i can't wait to see tristan and meet asher in just a few weeks!!
- rachel g.

annieck said...

Rachel, I cannot wait to see you and to say hello to the baby in your tummy!!! :) How great is it that you and Brandi are at the same point?! God is great!

MorningSong said...

I do love the blue. It looks great. sorry you lost everything while trying to make your blog so fancy!! :)