Monday, November 12, 2007

Picture Day

Saturday was a busy day for us...not only was it football day, but it was also PICTURE DAY!
The day started off a little rocky. Channing left to get some milk for Tristan's cereal and to make a "quick 15 minute" trip to the gym. Well his 15 minute trip turned into an hour and half trip...which meant that I was pushed for time. As soon as Channing got home, I dashed to get Tristan a bowl of cereal, stood over him and rushed him as he ate, changed his clothes, fixed his hair, and ran out the door. Now some of you may be saying, "Why didn't you just have him ready for pictures, feed him when Channing got home, and leave?" I would have done that, but since Tristan has curly hair, I have to get him dressed first then wet his hair and scrunch it up. If I had dressed him before eat ate, he surely would have dripped milk and cereal all over his sweater, thus ensuring a huge rise in my stress level.
Anyway, we got it all done and were out the door. The whole way there, I'm giving Tristan his pep talk.
"Ok Tristan, a lady named Ms. Grethel is going to be taking pictures of you and Asher. I want you to listen, do what she says, and SMILE! I want some really pretty pictures so we can give them to NaNa, PaPa, MiMi, and PaPa as Christmas gifts. I know they'll love them. But you really need to smile, ok? Ok, Tristan? Are you going to smile? Remember to smile. Mommy really wants you to smile."
So we got there, and I tried a little test. I get out my camera and try to take a couple of pictures of him. Just as I feared, he pulled his normal avoid the camera at all costs trick. My first thought...uh oh.
We then met Grethel, and she proceeded to take loads of pictures of my two little angels. Just as he did when I tried to take his picture, Tristan avoided Grethel's camera. It drove me crazy! I became one of those parents. You know the kind I'm talking about, right?
Tristan! Look at the camera! Smile!
Trissssssssssstan! LOOK at the camera!
Ms. Grethel is talking to you. Pay attention.
Leave Asher alone. Don't pull on him.
Anyway, despite my kids' attention on everything but the camera, Grethel managed to get some great shots of the boys. You can check out a couple of their pictures on her blog. I have her blog listed under my favorite's Grethel Van Epps, and she takes beautiful pictures.
Thanks, Grethel!


MorningSong said...

Welcome to the club Annie! You are in good company. This time when we took the kids for pictures - I stood in the back and SAID NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! I was so proud of myself. Oh - there were things to say. Like be still - are you listening?? Are you obeying the instructions? etc. I may have slipped once or twice but boy was I tons better than past experiences.

Yeah me! haha