Sunday, August 10, 2008

Even When They Mess Up...

I still LOVE CVS!Ok, let me just go ahead and give you this disclaimer...when you see my total out of pocket, it is larger than $5; however, this is because CVS messed up, not me. My total should have been just cents over $5. Thanks a lot, CVS! I'm hoping to get everything cleared up tomorrow. In the meantime, check out my scenarios for some great deals!
Transaction #1:
2 Cover Girl Lip colors B1G1 Free $3.99
Lamisil 7.59
Lamisilk 8.29
CVS $2/$10 purchase
$4 off Lamisil SS 7/20
$3 off Lamisilk SS 7/20
2 $1/1 Cover girl products P&G August
ECBs used: $7.79
Total OOP (tax included) = $1.99
Spent $1.99 and Saved $22.78!!! I also earned $10 in ECBs.

Transaction #2:
CVS Cotton Swabs $1.50
2 Huggies Pull Ups $17.98
$2/$10 CVS coupon
$2 off CVS skincare coupon
2 $2 off Huggies Pull ups
ECB's Used: $10 earned in first transaction
Total OOP (tax included) = $1.97
I spent $1.97 and saved $26.49!!!

Transaction #3:
CVS Cotton Swabs $1.50
Johnson & Johnson shampoo $2.99
Johnson & Johnson lotion $2.99
2 Covergirl Lip color B1G1 $3.99
Spree .50 (Had to get in order to use ECBs and to total out correctly)
Mentos .50 (see above explanation)
Coupons Used:
$2/$10 CVS coupon
$2 off CVS skincare
2 $1 off Cover girl products
$1 off Johnsons shampoo
$1 off Johnsons lotion
ECBs used: $4
Total OOP: $.87
I spent $.87 and saved $19.66!!!
(I should have earned $5 ECBs by buying $25 worth of select baby products. CVS messed up, and I didn't get my ECBs).

Ok, I have a transaction #4. I know this is breaking the rules (of the CVS $5 challenge; I'm only supposed to do 3 transactions), but my good friend, Emily (who works at CVS), gave me a coupon and told me about this deal, so I HAD to do it ;):
Skin Effects Foaming Face Wash 6.99
Coupons Used:
$2 off Skin Effects CVS
Total OOP: $5.44. I earned $5 in ECBs.

This is where the mistake came. I should have been able to use the $5 ECBs that I was supposed to earn by buying $25 worth of baby products. However, CVS messed up, and my receipts were all different. Long story short, I didn't get my ECBs and have to call corporate to straighten it out. Thanks, CVS! Anyway, so I paid for this out of pocket and earned $5 ECBs. Basically, this facewash was FREE, but since I didn't get my ECBs from the previous transaction, I couldn't get roll them to get this without spending money oop. Oh well. Once I get my other ECBs, I'll have $10 in ECBs, which is still good. It was just incredibly frustrating. I could have waited to get my other ECBs, but I don't plan to go back to CVS this week. One trip is enough for me this week. I'm sure their workers think so too.

I shouldn't complain about CVS. I've been very fortunate there. So this, THANK YOU, CVS, is from my heart! I really do love you, CVS!

So on today's trip, I spent a total of $10.27 and saved $60.93!!! For those of you who want to do these transactions: provided CVS doesn't mess up, you should be able to get all this for $5.27!!! That's pretty great, right?! Go for it!!!

Check out Alyssa's blog and the CVS $5 Challenge for more great deals!


Ole Miss Mom said...

SOUNDS AWESOME!! I'll be getting some diapers and stuff with ECB this week! I love hearing other people's scenarios! Helps me with my own!! :-)

Donna said...

That is nothing less than amazing. Since you've put out exactly what you bought- I may print this and try to repeat these transactions tomorrow. I've NEVER used EBS (could you die?) It's time to get on board.

Nathan and Rachel Greenfield said...

you seriously rock at this!! i have to stock up on toiletries while we are back, so i am definitely coming to you for help!!!

Megan said...

Great deals! Thanks for sharing!