Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday's Random Thoughts


Last week, I shared some of my random thoughts. Today, I've got some more to share, specific to college football. Here they are:

It's here! It's finally here! I just can't believe that it's already time for college football. It almost doesn't even seem real. Tonight, I will be able to watch a college football It won't be a replay from 2005. Yippee!!!

The Tide plays on Saturday. I can't wait! I hope John Parker Wilson has a clear head. They say he's more focused. I hope so. When he's good, he's great, but when he's intimidated, it's all down hill from there. I trust that he'll be ready.

Clemson? I mean, what's all this
talk about Clemson? We can take them. Yes, we can. We can, can't we? Yes we can. Don't waiver!

Julio Jones. Should I follow the hype? I mean, everyone's talking about him. I'm ready to see him play. I won't go on and on about him. I think he'll be great, but I also think that Clemson will have him covered. They've heard the hype too.

My brother has box seats. What are the chances? Box seats to one of the hardest games to get tickets for? How is that fair? I mean, I think I deserve a box seat; at this point, I would take a nose bleed seat. I want to see my Tide roll!
UPDATE: WE HAVE TICKETS!!! WE'RE GOING TO THE GAME!!! WOO HOO!!! Hmmm...Wonder if my brother will trade tickets? Unlikely...

Do LSU fans really like their colors? I mean, in all honesty...really? How do the m
en feel about having to wear purple and yellow...oh, I mean gold. Oh, and do their fans really smell like corn dogs? I mean, that's what I hear. ;)

As for Auburn, Bama, PLEASE don't lose to Auburn again. Seriously, please.

Georgia Bulldogs...hmmm...So tough for me. They really used to be my second favorite team. Then I had to be taunted and aggravated continually by Channing's brother and dad...continually. When it comes to football, they can make me madder than fire (
a nice southern phrase). They've kind of turned me against Georgia. Sad, but true. The past couple of years, I've struggled with my desire to be a good wife and support and root for them because it's so important to my hubby. I want to do it from my heart, though. Sometimes I'm successful, then a Georgia fan ruins it for me. This year, I'll have to try to gear myself up again to root for the Dawgs. HOWEVER, I really really really want Bama to beat them this year...really. If Alabama were to win only two games, I would want them to beat Auburn and beat Georgia (in no particular order). Oh, and I LOVE my father-in-law and brother-in-law. We just don't see eye to eye when it comes to football. They really push my buttons on this.

Georgia has a TOUGH schedule, not that you would hear it from them. HA! They like to remind us of that. It's true, though. If it weren't for their tough schedule, I think they would take the national title. Thing is, they do have a tough schedule. I don't think this year is their year. Love ya, Mark Richt!

Florida Gators...I pick them to take it this year. I think it's their year. I think they'll beat Georgia this year since they were embarrassed by them last year. Too, they have an amazing quarterback (I dare say the best).

I listen to A LOT of sports radio. I have been AMAZED that all they talk about is Alabama. Seriously. I'm sure that must get extremely annoying to the fans of other teams. I mean, it's annoying to me, and I am a Bama fan. EVERY time I turn on sports radio, they are talking about Nick Saban and/or Alabama. Seriously...every time. Often times, they're talking bad about Nick and my Tide, but they're talking about them nonetheless. Find something else to talk about, or get more supportive.

How can everyone not be a Tide fan? I just don't get it. How can you not feel that excitement well up inside when you see those crimson helmets run out onto the field? How can everyone not have that crimson pride??? Channing gets this question EVERY year. I just don't understand all.

Along those lines, how can people not love college football? I mean, really?! Do you know that there are people out there who would rather shop than watch ESPN's College Game Day??? These same people totally miss all the games each Saturday. Craziness!
There's no sport as great as college football. It's the best!!! Come on, people! You gotta love it!

I hope my mom doesn't trash talk this year. Every year, she trash talks Auburn fans and fans of other teams. When they have a bad week and we have a good one, they don't hear the end of it. Thing is, she doesn't even watch football! She's one of those "Saturday Shoppers". If you DON'T watc
h football and don't have a passion for your team, keep your trash talking to yourself. I mean, that just makes sense, dontcha think? You make the rest of us look bad.

It aggravates me when some Christians who don't like football assume that those of us who are passionate about it are not passionate about Christ. That is true for some but not for all. It is possible to get excited about multiple things. :)

There is no conference in the nation as tough as the SEC. They deserve respect!

One final thought....ROLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE! Bama, I can't wait to watch you play!!!

For those who don't know me, this was all said very tongue in cheek. I'm a super sarcastic person. I'm not trying to be ugly. :)


The Hairston's said...

YOU CRACK ME UP!! Sounds like you are ready for Saturday to get here!

LeAnne said...

OMG make me laugh. I'm gonna have to agree with you on ALL your points...
a)I live deep inside DAWG country so I feel you on the DAWG smack talkin'
b)how can grown men (well almost...19 is not grown really) wear purple pants, ever????
c)and most importantly how can people not love college football (especially the SEC)????

Lovin' some SEC football is one of the great things about being a southern gal, right???

Oh...and...ROLL TIDE!!

devan said...

Annie!! You are killin' me with all the Bama and Dawg talk! What about TROY???? They are at MTSU tonight, and I think the game is on UPN. Go TROY!! :)

The Hairston's said...

I'm waiting to hear MorningSong's reply to this post! MorningSong...if you read this....I don't think you smell like corndogs at all! I do have to agree with Annie on the Purple and Yellow though =)

Anonymous said...

A girl after my own heart. I also want Alabama to win at least two games, but for me it's Auburn and Tennessee. Ugh, I squirm just typing Tennessee.
Shopping on Saturday mornings during college football season? Are the stores even open?

annieck said...

Thanks for the reminder, Devan! GO TROY!!! TR-OJ-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS WOO!
I pulled for them pretty hard at last year's Troy/Georgia game. For a little while, it looked like they were going to pull it out.

Anonymous said...

Got 12???? Let's see...

Alabama won the Ozark Gazette National Championship in 1908, they Chinese Farmers Almanac Championship in 1914 and the Creedence Clearwater Revival Concert Football Pool Championship in 1964.

Now that's tradition...

Love ya........your famous brother in law!!!!!!!!!!

Go Dawgs babyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

annieck said...

Ha ha ha!!! Ryan, you CRACK me up!!!
Hey, we'll take those titles. We'll take all we can get. We may not have played those, but if we had, I'm certain we would have won.

Have fun this weekend with Georgia's "weenie game" (I mean, can you even call this a game?). We'll be playing the only tough game of the weekend. ROLL TIDE!!! :):):):)
Oh, and don't be brainwashing my boys this weekend!