Thursday, August 28, 2008


We've got tickets and are going to THE game!!! YEA! The only unfortunate thing is that we can't leave until Saturday afternoon, but that's ok. We're going to see THE TIDE play!!! YEA!
Our boys are going to watch the Dawgs (actually, Tristan will watch the Dawgs, Asher will tailgate and then go back to the Center to hang out with Mimi).
I am SO excited!


LeAnne said...

OMG-have a ton of fun!!

The Hairston's said...

YAY!!! Have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm seething with jealousy. Have so much fun. Roll Tide.

AngelGirl said...

ohhh fun! we went to c few of the bowl games growing up- fond memories! have fun!!!