Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tristan's First Day in 4K

The day has finally come, the day Tristan has been waiting for. Today was his first day in four year old kindergarten. Tristan lovingly refers to four year old kindergarten as "four and a half year old kindergarten" because he is four and a half. He corrects me every time I say the other.

Since this is such a milestone, I, of course, had to take LOTS of pictures! I wish I could spare you! ;)

Here is he is with his folder. He had not been given his bag yet, so we just had to pose with his homework folder.Here he is in the car getting buckled up. Excited about seeing his friends!
Daddy and Tristan
Tristan and me
He was SO patient with me this morning! I really did take A LOT of pictures.
Here is Tristan at his classroom. I had to get a shot of him in front of his class sign.
This is when he actually started to look a little nervous. He assured me that he wasn't, though.On Friday, when we met his teacher, she told him that each day he came to school, he would need to drop his snack in the left bucket and his folder in the right. Here he is following directions.Snapshot of Tristan and his new teacher, Mrs. Ashley. She is super sweet. Channing and I have a lot of confidence in her.
Settling in at his table. He was assigned a choice seat with the pretty ladies!This is the first year that I've dropped Tristan off and didn't leave in tears. I guess because I had Channing there for support. Channing, however, had a more difficult time letting go. He didn't cry, but I worried he might.

Three hours after we dropped him off, it was time to pick him up. Here he was waiting in the car line. We were SO excited to see him and to hear all about his school day.
As usual, he was much less interested in giving us play by play details of his day and much more interested in being silly. While I was quizzing him about everything school, he decided to take a break from answering and put his school bag on his head. My silly boy!This was Tristan's very last first day of 4K. He is growing up! It's exciting to see but a little (ok, a lot) sad too. I just kind of wish I could freeze time. I'm not ready to lose my baby!
This year, 4K. Next year KINDERGARTEN. Where has the time gone?!


The Hairston's said...

What great pictures! Tristan is growing so fast! How cool is it that they give him his own bag?!

How did Asher do without Tristan this morning? Eli wasn't crazy about Sam not being with us!

annieck said...

Thanks, Leisha!
Asher did fine. Most of the time, he thinks he's too cool for Tristan anyway. That being said, I don't think he noticed he was gone. :(

Eli and Sam are so close! How sweet that he was missing Sam! One day my boys will be close. Tristan loves Asher, but Asher is just too busy! :)

LeAnne said...

what cute pictures...i love tristan's haircut!! what a fun first day and YAY for Tristan...what a big boy!! these kind of days are always tougher for mommy and daddy than for the kiddos, i think.

Rachael said...

So sweet and sad all at the same time. He's such a big boy...his big kid haircut makes him look even older. They do grow up too fast! I am glad he loves his teacher and he had a great day at four and a half kindergarten!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Annie, but you're going to have to fight off the ladies when it comes to this one! I would definitely have a crush on him if I was in his 4K class!! He is such a cutie pie!!

Karen said...

Can I put dibs on having him in my kindergarten class next year??? Ha! I soooo wish I could :) Those pictures are so adorable. Thanks for sharing them.

Donna said...

Yay! He looks so cute! I love his little outfit! We start next week (two days a week)- I'm excited- and Marky is beside himself- he is READY.