Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sad Day for Me and My CVS Plans

This morning, I happened across an awesome blog, The Homemakers Resource. As I was reading her posts, I came across some sad news that will affect the deals I have planned for CVS. Check out what she found on Hot Coupon World:

"CVS has LEGALLY requested that online printable coupons no longer be posted anywhere on the internet. CVS has contacted several of the larger websites, not just HCW. It is their position that the only valid printable coupons will be sent to you directly through their email system.

As to the online magazines and newspapers. Their online version is simply a convenience service. It's not meant to be printed out and replace their paper magazines and newspapers, otherwise they'd lose their income from their product. Same goes with the coupons in those situations, they are not meant to be printed out and replace the paper ones. My guess is CVS doesn't have the time to police every single newspaper or magazine's online source to make sure that their coupons are blacked out or made unprintable.

In the end, we at HCW are intent on following the parameters stated on the legal notice that we received. And that is that the only valid internet coupons will come directly to you in your email and that any other sources of internet coupons are not legitimate, not approved by CVS and will not be allowed to be posted on HCW."

So... that $2/$10 CVS coupon I've been printing and using, the one found from the Richmond Parent's Magazine, should only be used if I actually bought the magazine and cut it out. SAD!
Like the Homemaker's Resource and HCW, I want to make sure that all my frugal shopping trips are ethical, legit, and 100% above board. That being said, I will only be using CVS printable coupons that I personally receive through email. So CVS, if you read this (and I'm SO sure you do) please send me some coupons. Pretty please!

To read more about this, check out this ABC News story: Secrets of Online Shopping Discounts


Homemom3 said...

oh this is very sad. I wonder if this has already happened. As in if I went with the ones I already printed and used them. What about coupons from the manufacturer that we print. Or those from

annieck said...

The manufacturer coupons are fine, and is fine. I think CVS just doesn't like when people (like me) use the CVS printable coupons over and over again. I guess they were intended for a certain person, or like the $2 coupon, for a magazine. They intended for the person with the magazine to cut it out and use it once. I've used it multiple times.
I rocked that coupon!!!

I think they'll still accept it, though. Based on the letters they sent to websites, though, they don't want shoppers using them.

I'm sure more strict enforcements are coming. They probably feel that the system is being abused and will penalize us shoppers for it. I've already seen, in the few months I've been shopping there, they offer less free items and less coupons. Very sad!