Thursday, August 21, 2008

Honest Couponing?

I just stopped by one of my most favorite frugal blogs, Keeping the Kingdom First. Alyssa has published a really great post written by Dana of Frugal in Virginia about honest couponing and using God's principles as we shop and take advantage of deals. I strongly encourage everyone to read it, especially if you're a frugal shopper. Many of the things she mentions in her post are specific things that God has been speaking to me over the past couple of weeks.
I trust that you will find it as helpful, convicting, and encouraging as I did!

Honest Couponing

Dana, if you read this, thank you for being such a great role model for the rest of us!


Rachael said...

That was a great article! It's so important for us to know what the companies ask of us and follow. It hurts sometimes (like no longer being able to use the 2/10 CVS coupon), but it's sooo important we maintain our honesty! Thanks for posting.

The Hairston's said...

I don't think I even realized there was such thing as dishonest couponing!! That's how new at this savings thing I am! =)

The Hoppers said...

I stalk your blog through Michelle Allen's blog. She and I go way back. But I am a couponer too and have been in Sharon Cook's small group. I love your blogs. Thanks so much!

Kasey said...

I just had a thought on the honest couponing discussion today. If a store says limit two, do we consider that two per shopping trip, per purchase, or two period. Is there a difference in "Limit two" or "Limit two per person" or whatever wording might be out there?

I went to Bloom for something today it said limit two packages. Based on previous thought, I did two different purchases of two packages. Since then, I have been wondering and second guessing. What is your take? Thanks, Kasey @

annieck said...

Hey Kasey! I'm not positive, but I would think the store intends for the limit to be two packages per shopper.
That's just totally my take, though. :)