Monday, August 18, 2008

She's Just Too Smart

This past Friday, I had the pleasure of attending my dear sweet friend, Leisha's, baby shower. Her mom and sister worked hard and quietly for weeks planning a surprise shower for her at Kobe Steakhouse. The rest of us were thrilled to be in on the surprise. However, Leisha, being the super smart lady that she is, figured things out ahead of time, and spoiled the surprise. She really is just too smart! Oh well! It was still fun for ALL!!!

Here is Leisha walking in on the big surprise. Isn't she precious?!Here are all the kids in the hot spot...right beside the gift opener. Is there any greater place to be???After the shower, I got someone to take a picture of Rachael, Leisha, and me. I have none! These ladies are two of my best friends, yet I've never had a picture of us together. Now I do! Yippee! :)
Baby Luke will be here very soon, and I, for one, can't wait to meet him! If he's anything like the rest of his family, he will be hard not to love.
Hairston Family, we sure do love you!!! Leisha, you're almost there. Soon, you'll be tickling little Luke's toes. I can't wait!!!


Ole Miss Mom said...

What a FUN place to have a shower! YUM!!!!

Ok, random question, are you wearing BE in that last pic...cause you look purdy!! ;-)

annieck said...

I agree! It was delish!

Thanks for the compliment, Linz!!! I actually was wearing BE, and I LOVE it! I wish I had gotten it sooner. :) Thanks for the extra nudge. If it weren't for you, I'd still be complaining about my drug store makeup!!!

The Hairston's said...

The shower was perfect!! Even though I figured it all out beforehand (I'm just smart like that! ha! not really!), I still was suprised to walk in and see everyone! I'm so glad that you were there! Love you!!