Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Random Thoughts

I thought I would try something new today. I'm going to share some of the random thoughts and questions I've had this morning and over the past couple of days. So, here they are. Oh and a little disclaimer, they're not necessarily deep thoughts or philosophical. Just random, weird thoughts...

I have loved watching the Olympics this year. The athletes, their stories, and their God-given abilities are incredibly inspiring. I've never enjoyed an Olympic season like this one.

I have a hard time coping with the athletes who don't get gold, especially those that look really nervous before they perform. I had a super tough time with one of the 100 meter sprinters from Jamaica over the weekend. He looked SO nervous before he ran, he lost to a guy who seemed really arrogant, and he looked heart-broken. I worried about him for two days!

Is Michael Phelps part fish? I mean, seriously. Is he? Has anyone checked? That guy is INCREDIBLE! He is no human. The guy has got to have gills somewhere.

Is the scrunchy back? A great majority of the female Olympic athletes wear them. Do they even sell them in stores anymore, or is they made specially for Olympic athletes? I haven't rocked a scrunchy in many years. I was just wondering if I should be running to Wal-Mart.

A night out with a friend, minus the hubby and kids, is needed more than I realized! I had dinner with a great friend last night and was reminded of how I need to do that more often. Friends and personal time should be more of a priority for me. I must make time. I'm a better wife, mom and friend for it.

Asher can say so many things these days. He never ceases to amaze me.

Tristan's school actually starts next week. I can't believe it! For so long, it seemed a ways away, now it's just days. He can't wait.

Kobe Bryant is fluent in Italian and Spanish (and who knows how many other languages). Who knew?

Charles Barkley has a really embarrassing golf swing, and he's coming out with a golf show. I will have to watch that!

I missed Sunday's service at church and am sad about it. I heard it was really great. I tried to watch it online but ran into trouble. When will I find a spare 30 minutes to watch it?

Is it bad to tell people how much you love your makeup? Because I do. I think it's fantastic. But if I came up to you and said, "Wow. I really like my new mineral makeup." Would you think, "Wow. Thanks for letting me know because I've been wanting to try that out. Now I know I shouldn't." Is it one of those things? I'm going to confess right here... I've thought that before when someone has told me how much they love their makeup. That's BAD!!! I'm not proud of it. Or do you think, "Man, she sure is conceited. She's bragging about how pretty she thinks she is." Just wondering.
On this note...thanks, Lindsay, for pointing me in the right direction! I LOVE it!

I really really want to use my $2/$10 CVS coupon. It STINKS that they don't want me to.

That's all I can think of right now. Do you have any random thoughts you want to share???


The Hairston's said...

You are hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Yes tell people about your makeup, I would want to know!! Also I have been watching the olympics crazily! I feel for those who don't win! Its so sad, all their hardwork!


M.S. said...

You make me laugh! I noticed the scrunchies also! I love mineral make-up.. Lindsay told me about it too.. that's funny! see you soon!

Brandi said...

I hope the scrunchies are back. I still have mine from the early 90's. I don't secretly wear them or anything they have just always stayed under my bathroom sink. I Love those things! What is this mineral makeup? i need new makeup, don't want to spend a fortune but I need someone to tell me what to wear. It all looks the same to me.

annieck said...

Brandi, you can be the first to bring scrunchies back in our area. I'll follow your lead...maybe slowly. We'll see how it goes. ;) They are very convenient; great for pulling the hair up and for not breaking your hair. Bring them back, Brandi! You're already stocked! :)
As for the mineral makeup, I've seen the infomercials for years but finally decided to take the plunge after Lindsay talked about how much she loves hers. There are two main brands, Bare Minerals and Sheer Cover (although all the drug store brands are making them now too). Since I'm a huge researcher, I opted to go with Bare Minerals because their company and makeup got the best rating and had the most pleased customers. There is a website that gives you opinions on stuff sold on infomercials. That's where I got a lot of my info.
Anyway, I have been using it for a couple of weeks and am really happy with it. It's much better than the drug store mineral makeup, which I tried (Neutrogena). A little goes a LONG way, so it may seem a little expensive to get the starter kit ($60), but it last a LONG time because you use so little of it each time.
Do a google search of infomercial reviews, and you'll find the info I used.
Let me know if you want to know anything else! :)

Brandi said...

Thanks, I will check it out.

LeAnne said...

love the random thoughts...and i think that surely michael phelps must be part fish...did you know that he eats 12,000 calories a day while he trains????