Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Soccer Season Has Begun

Tristan's 2008 soccer season started with practice last week. This is his second year playing. He played last fall but wasn't crazy about it. He played t-ball in the spring and LOVED it, but our city doesn't have a 4 year old t-ball league for the fall season. Some of our t-ball teammates opted to play anyway, they just have to play up. So they play with ages 4-6 and use machine pitch. We have confidence that Tristan could handle the machine pitch; however, the older the kids get, the more competitive the parents get. We got a taste of that during our t-ball tournament when score was actually kept. Some of the parents and coaches go CRAZY. In my opinion, they take it WAY too seriously. This fall, we kind of wanted to keep things mellow. So we went for soccer.

Tristan is on the team with one of his very best friends, so that brought a little more excitement to the sport for him. Another fun thing is that everyone from his last year's soccer team is playing again this year. All through the season, we'll get to see them. YEA! They were a super sweet group.

Here are some pictures from Tristan's first practice:

Aren't they precious?! I just love watching little kids play sports!
Getting his ball set for the big kick:Coach Steven:
Tristan and his buddy, T:
Running for the kick!
In our family, we really all like baseball better, but soccer will be a nice change of pace. It's so fun to watch all the kids run all over the field, and it's fun to catch up with all the soccer moms and dads. Too, it's very rare to find a "do or die" soccer dad out there. For the most part, everyone's out there to have a good time and to watch their kids have fun. AND, one of the greatest things about soccer is that the kids run through a "parent tunnel" at the end. T-ball is really missing that super important part. There's no parent tunnel.


The Hairston's said...

He's such a handsome little soccer player! You will have to let me know his schedule. I would love to come and watch he and T play!

Rachael said...

How much fun!

Donna said...

So cute- soccer clothes are precious- we start that next week too! I know what you mean about parents taking it too far- I went to a friend's son's 8-year-old basketball game once and was APPALLED at the screaming and yelling by the parents- calling kids on the opposing team names and stuff. Soccer is sweet and family friendly.