Saturday, August 30, 2008

What?! Not Gifted?

I think this story is hilarious. I found it earlier in the week and just had to post it.

Is your kid really gifted? Probably not

I find this story funny because I am a mom who, of course, thinks her kids are super smart. I mean, all 16 months old aren't repeating everything their parents say, are they? All four year olds can't count to 100 can they? Does your 16 month old know where to find all the hidden snacks in your house? Nope, didn't think so. ;)

It's also funny because I have many friends who also find their kids to be "really smart", "brilliant", and "geniuses". Are these people telling us we're all wrong? We're all confused? Misguided? Our kids aren't in the two to five percent?! I was just about to sign my boys up for Harvard. Should I hold off???

I'm pretty sure this story doesn't apply to my boys. It's the rest of you who should be worried! ;)


Kelli said...

My thinking is that all kids are gifted. We just have to find out what their gift actually is. When my oldest son was placed in the "gifted" class at school people kept saying things like "oh aren't you so proud," or "were you expecting this". We always knew that Nathaniel was smart, there was no denying that(reading some words by two) We also know that our other two are also smart, talented , funny, etc.. I agree that "gifted" is widely overused and overrated.

annieck said...

Great point, Kelli! :) I think we would be hard-pressed to find a parent who didn't believe that their children were gifted.
EVERY child definitely has gifts God has given him/her. Gifted, indeed!