Friday, August 29, 2008

On Their Way... see the Bulldogs play!

Our boys have left us. They're on the road to Athens, Georgia to see their beloved Bulldogs play whatever high school team they're playing this weekend (ha! That was just for my beloved brother-in-law). Tristan was super excited, but Ash, well...just look at his thoughts about the big Bulldog game:
In the next picture, you'll see he's come back to life. I'm sure he heard some Bama news! He already says "Roll Tide"!
Before we passed the boys off to their Mimi, we had lunch together at Cracker Barrell.
I thought this picture was really cute! I love it because Asher is wearing a Georgia jersey and rocking in an Alabama rocking chair. PERFECT!
Both my boys sporting Georgia in their Bama chairs:Asher had a fit over all the Christmas singing toys. He watched them over and over.Channing and Asher at lunch:
Tristan and me. He kept telling me he was going to teach Asher, "Go Dawgs!" I told him he better not. He was quick to remind me that we like Alabama and Georgia.
My sweet boys are gone. I sure do miss them, but I know they will have a blast. Tristan has been counting down the days until he could go play on the "little football field" (aka the Georgia practice field; one of his favorite things to do in Athens). On Wednesday night, he asked me to pray that God would protect the Georgia football players when they played their game on Saturday night. How sweet is that?! Sad thing is, he didn't say a thing about Alabama. Sorry, John Parker!!!


The Hairston's said...

Those are the cutest little Alaorgia fans I've ever seen!

It was great getting to talk to you today! My big caboose will just be sitting on the couch for the next few days so if you get a chance to chat, give me a call. =) Love you! Have fun at the game!