Friday, August 1, 2008

My Summer Favorite

I LOVE this show! I really really do. It is definitely my summer favorite. I don't get to watch every show (I often forget it's on, plus we work late a lot), but whenever I'm able to watch it, it brings me so much joy. I mean, who knew America had such talent?!

Anyway, over the past month or so, I have had many favorites. I wish I had been keeping up with them. Since I haven't, I'm just going to start with my favorites from this week. Here they are:

This guy was an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator, and he was a dead ringer! He looked and sounded exactly like Ozzy! Check him out:

My other favorite this week was American soldier, Daniel Jens. He made me cry. I guess because he's been out fighting for our country, something I think many of us take for granted. His wife was without him for 15 months, and seeing the pride she has in him makes me want to cry all over again. Check him out:

If you haven't watched the show, check it out. It's a great hour of t.v. filled with many inspiring stories. I'll be sharing my favorites each week. I'm sure you can hardly wait!


Brandi said...

I hope you have been watching Wipeout. It is our favorite. Plus I know how much you enjoy watching people fall, you will LOVE it! Tuesday at 7 on ABC(I think)

annieck said...

Thank you for reminding me about that show. I have been looking forward to it for weeks!!! We work late a lot on Tuesdays, so I haven't been able to watch it yet. I missed the one with the big giant balls they had to jump on, didn't I???
I HAVE GOT to see that show! The commercials alone had me in stitches!
Thanks, again, for the reminder!

The Hairston's said...

For some reason, I just can't get into this show. I guess I can't get past Sharon Osborn and David Haseselhoff for the just doesn't seem right.

April said...

cute blog your boys are precious I love the curly hair :)

Emily said...

i loved the soldier, too. i hope he makes it through, even though he forgot his lyrics.. poor guy. he's really good!