Saturday, August 30, 2008

I Nearly Shed a Tear

Welcome back!!! College Gameday, I'VE MISSED YOU SO!!! I didn't even realize how much until 9:00 this morning when you came back to me. It was like seeing an old friend, a best friend, that you haven't seen in many years. The emotions came flooding back, and I nearly shed a tear. Seeing great plays from college football games from past games...what a feeling!!! I am filled with excitement!

YEA for college football! YEA for having two tickets to a game that SO many want to go to. It's the HOTTEST ticket of the weekend. Word has it, people have paid like $1500 for tickets. Can you believe that?! That's WILD! I am SO excited about seeing my Tide play. I am SO excited about having college gameday back. I'm just plain excited! I really do love college football!

So today, ROLL TIDE! GO DAWGS! and GO TEBOW (love him!).

Oh, and a little shout out for Troy...YEA, TROJANS!!! You looked GREAT!!!