Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Bittersweet Milestone

Today, my baby turned 10 months old. I honestly do not know where the time has gone. It seems like I just had him, and now he's two months away from being a year old! It absolutely breaks my heart. I just wish I could freeze time. I love each stage, I just think they go by too quickly.
To capture this special day, I took lots of pictures. Here are a few:
Here he is watching the parking lot at work. Maybe that means he's going to be a people-watcher like his mommy.You can't see his face in this one, but I still think it's super sweet.
I LOVE this baby!!!
My hearts melts for this little brown-eyed boy!
And what else should a boy do to celebrate 10 great months of living? Why...get an adjustment of course! When his spine's in line, his health's fine! ;DThe past 10 months have flown by, but Asher, you are my sweet little pumpkin pie. I never could have imagined just how much I would love you! You are such a blessing. AND...now that you're 10 months old, I can go to the gym without making an appointment! You're a big boy now and can go into the nursery without mommy having to call two days ahead! Yippee!!!
I LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU little man!!! Happy 10 months!


Brandi said...

10 months! I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday when I was asking Shane to call Channing everyday and see if Asher was here yet. We love him!

Rachael said...

I can't believe Asher is 10 months old!!! He's so precious...such a happy baby. His name suites him well!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that last picture! it has really gone by fast- you are a great mom and with all the pictures you've taken i think you'll be able to remember each stage. is he interested in pulling up and trying to walk yet?

rachel g

MorningSong said...

So fast!!!!!!!!! He is absolutely precious in every way!


The Hairston's said...

Such a sweet little guy! I can't believe he is already 10 months old! WOW! He gets more and more precious everyday!

Anonymous said...

He is the CUTEST ever!! What a sweetheart! I could just print out his picture and hang it in my house! :D Thanks for the chat earlier today at the office. I left feeling a little lighter...oh maybe that was my adjustment... feeling fine from my spine! ha!