Friday, February 29, 2008

Boys are...well...boys

I absolutely love being the mom of boys. I love that I'm the only "girl" in the house. I love that little boys love their mommies. I love the sports, the tackling, the easiness that comes with boys (don't get me wrong, I know there are girls who do all these things too. I just know if I had a girl, she would probably be a girly-girl). I love that boys don't get caught up in the drama that we girls somehow manage to get in to. I just love my boys. I would love to have another little boy one day (of course, if I had a little girl, I would absolutely love her too!).
That being said, having boys definitely keeps me on my toes. Each day is a new adventure, and I never know what to expect. For instance, today as I was folding clothes in my room, I looked out to see Tristan standing on the toilet seat in our half bath looking at himself in the mirror. I asked him what he was doing, and he told me he was watching himself blow bubbles...spit bubbles. Nice, right?
In the office, we often have little kids come in. Tristan, loving that another child is there to visit, tries his best to engage some play with them. Nearly every time, he does the same thing. He runs beside them and starts growling. Then he runs off. Then he comes back and does it again. It's hilarious to watch because when he does it to another little boy, they often join in, and before I know it, I have two little dinosaurs running around the office. When he does it to little girls, he often gets the "Ugh" look. You know the look...What is he doing? What's wrong with him? Poor kid doesn't have a clue. I've tried to explain to him that some little girls don't play that way and don't understand that he is releasing his inner-dinosaur. It's so funny to watch.
I must say, though, that the most difficult thing about having boys is the pottying. Boys are GROSS! I remember a friend from college telling me that her boyfriend's mother said that she didn't like having rugs in her bathroom because the boys (even the dad) would pee on them or pee would splatter on them in the middle of the night when they went to the bathroom (I guess they had poor aim). I remember thinking...That's disgusting! Now I've witnessed it firsthand.
Tristan has never been one who enjoys sitting down to pee. He's always wanted to stand up...just like daddy. At first, I didn't notice a problem. DISCLAIMER: If you get grossed out, now would be a good time to stop reading! Then I started noticing pee puddles at the bottom of the toilets (you know, down at the base). I was constantly constantly cleaning the toilets. Next, I had a friend tell me her son was spraying the shower curtain when he peed. I thought, Well, Tristan doesn't do that. Thank goodness! lately I've noticed the yellowing of his shower curtain. Say it with me....GROSS!!! He has gotten pee on his shower curtain, the rug, the baseboards. I mean, is he not watching at all?! I told Channing they need to have a tutoring lesson on how to properly handle the hose (I know that sounds bad, but it seems like he's spraying everything; like he's trying to put out a fire or something). It's awful (I have now successfully managed to keep anyone from ever wanting to visit my home!).
Yep, life with boys is just a regular gross-fest. I love it, though. I don't know what I ever did without my little mess-makers.


The Hairston's said...

I hear ya! Boys are so gross and messy! We've had our fair share of pee pee puddles. Eli now likes to take off his diaper without me knowing about it. Without sharing too many details....just know that I have had some disgusting messes to clean...THANK GOD FOR LYSOL!

You've gotta love having boys though! The sweet hugs and kisses they give make up for all the "other stuff".

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! I have to agree boys are messy. I wouldn't call it gross, just hose-handling challenged. haha. I know Brandi is happy our 1st will be a girl, since she never had a brother to "learn" from.


annieck said...

Hilarious! Brandi should be glad she won't have to deal with that!!! =D