Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday

WHAT A GAME!!! Last night's Super Bowl did not disappoint (unless you're a Patriot). It kept us on the edge of our seats until the last second. I must admit, going into the game I wanted to see Tom Brady lead his Patriots into a record breaking perfect season. However, I couldn't be happier for Eli Manning and his Giants. HOW COOL that Eli Manning and his team won the Super Bowl a year after his brother Peyton did the same thing?! And...not only did Eli lead his team to victory, but he also secured the top honor...MVP (Peyton had the same honor last year)! No doubt, that honor came as a result of great plays like this one:

Way to go, Eli!!! You're no longer in Peyton's shadow. You are your own person, and you're great too! You're an MVP!!!

Although the game was exciting, I must say, the commercials were too. There were so many that were brilliant, however, my favorite had to be the e trade commercials. The first one was my absolute favorite, but the second one was great too!

Bud Light had several hilarious commercials, and Pepsi had a great one too. I wish we got Super Bowl commercials every day!
Aside from the game and commercials, Tristan, Asher, and their friends also provided entertainment. We had our very own football game going on in person!
Post-tackle.Asher was attacked by a man-eating shark!All in all Superbowl Sunday was a GREAT day! Way to go, Giants! Way to go, Eli! And way to go, E trade!!!


Rachael said...


The Hairston's said...

I also started out wanting the Patriots to win but ended up rooting for the Giants. The game was kind of slow until the 4th Qtr but the Giants deserved the win!
How great must it be for the Manning parents to see 2 of their sons win the Superbowl (2 years in a row!)
The commercials this year were great! We were in a crowded house so I couldn't really hear the baby commercial but I have to give kuddos to Pepsi for their Max commerical. Pretty funny! And the most disgusting commercial award goes to was that about?!

devan said...

Don't forget about Troy boys Lawrence Tynes and Osi Umenyiora!! They are the reason I was Giants all the way. What an awesome game! So exciting that LT and Osi have Super Bowl rings!! And don't forget that they made it there on an LT field goal!

annieck said...

Pepsi Max was hilarious! I was in the kitchen when it came on, and I had to run out as soon as I heard the song...I knew exactly what it was. LOVED it!
As for I must have missed it. Was it awful?
I just love love loved the etrade commercials, though. That baby is so beautiful, and then to hear that voice...priceless!
Devan, I didn't realize the Troy boys played for the Giants. How cool is that?! Troy was well represented!!!