Wednesday, February 6, 2008

WE'RE #1, BABY!!!

It's official...the University of Alabama has the #1 recruiting class for 2008 (according to and!!! Not only that, but we've signed three five-star recruits, one of whom is none other than JULIO JONES!!! Way to go, Bama!!! ROLLLLLLLLLLLL TIDE ROLL!!!

Bama also signed 18 four-star recruits. I am so excited to see the future of our Tide. I can now definitely say...the tide is turning!!!


MorningSong said...

Phooey BOOO Hiss!

Congrats on Asher sleeping 4 in a row!

And... Happy Birthday to you, even though you have poor taste in SEC teams! :)

annieck said...

Thanks, Morningsong, and ROLL TIDE!