Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday

american flag
Today is a really important day in our country. It's Super Tuesday. Today is the day that we each have a choice to put our two cents in on who should be the chosen delegate for our party; who we think should run our country for the next four years. A couple of weeks ago, I felt pretty comfortable in my decision. I was going to vote for John McCain. I have since changed my mind. Although I like his stand on many issues, I disagree when it comes to his definition of marriage and on abortion rights. So now I face a dilemma. Do I vote for Mike Huckabee, who proclaims his Christianity and seems to have high morals, or do I vote for Mitt Romney, who is conservative but a non-Christian? The thing is, all the experts are saying that Huckabee doesn't stand a chance, and that by giving him my vote, I am giving a vote to McCain. However, if I give my vote to Romney, he has a greater chance of winning and is way more conservative than John McCain. I would most like to have Huckabee as my delegate, but I would least like it to be McCain. Whoever is elected as the Republican delegate has to be able to beat Clinton or Obama (I feel pretty sure it's going to be Obama). What's a girl to do? I guess I'll be doing lots of praying between now and my vote.
I strongly encourage YOU to VOTE today (if your state is voting). I don't think you have the right to complain about the state of our country if you don't vote. Make your voice heard...VOTE!
Today is also an important day in the world of college football. Today is SIGNING DAY!!! I can hardly wait to see how Alabama fares. As the standings are currently, most recruiting websites have us ranked like 2nd and 3rd in the country. The only one who has us ranked lower is espn.com. Oh, what do they know? (CORRECTION!!! Signing day is TOMORROW! I guess in all my excitement, I got the dates wrong. I hate to wait another day!)
I have one question...Julio...where you signing, man?!
It will be interesting to say how today plays out!!!


Brandi said...

Voting is an awesome thing! I did vote today and faced the same dilemma you did. I decided that I had to vote for the person that most matched up with my beliefs and if it turns out to be a wasted vote, I will know that I voted my convictions. On a lighter note, Scout.com has our class rated #1 with others to follow hopefully. We did get a big 4 star runningback commitment this afternoon, Mark Ingram from Michigan. Let the fun begin!

annieck said...

Brandi, I decided the same thing. I voted with my beliefs, and if it turns out that he doesn't do well in the election, I can say I voted for who I thought the best candidate was.
As for football....YAAAY...Mark Ingram & #1! That is really exciting! I can't wait to watch tomorrow!!! :D Thanks for the info.