Monday, February 18, 2008

What a Fun Party!

On Saturday, we had the pleasure of attending a very special party. We celebrated JB's third birthday at the park and with a super fun game of football. JB's mom had the great idea of having an SEC football party, and we all wore our favorite teams' attire. Since Tristan's Bama jersey is peeling off (and I wanted some cute pictures), we decided to be Georgia fans/football players.
Before the game got started, the kids enjoyed some yummy cupcakes and JB opened presents.
Ash wasn't quite big enough to play this time, so he hung back with the good lookin' ladies. Here he is with Mrs. Leisha.Leisha's handsome men were rockin' the Bama gear. ROLL TIDE!!!GAME TIME!!! The teams were getting ready in the huddle. We have Georgia, Alabama, LSU, and Auburn represented.What is a game without cheerleaders? Aren't they precious?! I think they are, even though they're both wearing horrible colors! ;D
LSU was off to a good lead...
but Georgia caught up and got hands on his back (the boys played touch football, rather than tackle. We did have a couple of tackles, though. Boys will be boys).Back to the huddle.
It's Georgia's turn with the ball. GO DAWGS!!! That's one good looking quarterback!I copied this picture off of morningsong's blog. This is Tristan hangin' out after the game. The party was so much fun, and we couldn't have had better weather. It was perfect!!!
After the party, we met Channing for lunch at Willy T's (one of Channing's weaknesses. He loves the place but tries not to eat it much). Here is Asher giving his daddy a recap of the game. That's right, Georgia's #1!

And finally, here are my three favorite men in the whole wide world. I love these guys so so much!All in all, Saturday was a great day filled with fun. Thanks, morningsong, for a great party, and thanks, JB, for having a birthday and giving us a reason to celebrate!


Ole Miss Mom said...

Yep...they were DEFINITELY missing and Ole Miss player and cheerleader! Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

oh those pictures look like fun. and it's nice you were able to end the day with your sweet guys. ohhhh now that you mentioned willy t's all i can think about is sweet tea and chicken fingers!!!! :)


Brandi said...

I love the idea! What a fun birthday party! If Hannah Claire is like her mommy she would have been playing football in her cheerleading outfit.

The Hairston's said...

It was such great weather for a park party! It was a fun day! I wish my boys would have gotten out there to play football! They get shy like their mommy...NOT the best trait that I can pass on to them! Oh well!

MorningSong said...

Such great pictures!! I will be copying some for our photo album!! Great pics!! We had a blast! Glad the feeling was mutual! Did you see the pic of Tristan on my blog?? I love how cool he looked hanging off of the slide! haha So tough!