Monday, February 18, 2008

Valentine Cookies

Last week was a busy week, so when it finally came time to make Valentine cookies, Tristan was thrilled! Never mind the fact that Valentine's Day was actually on Thursday, and we didn't make the cookies until Friday. To Tristan, every day has been Valentine's Day lately. He was just glad to finally make them.
I baked the cookies, and Tristan was in charge of the decorating. The first step was the frosting...
Next step, and his favorite, was the sprinkles. There were several sprinkles to choose from, but his favorite were the clear sprinkles. He's such a boy!
Here are the cookies after all his hard work.
Here he is holding his masterpiece!Then came time for the most fun part...the eating!!!Even Asher got the chance to sample the goods. With Tristan, it would have been unheard of for him to come anywhere near anything with sugar in it. We've been a lot more laid back the second time around. Of course, we didn't let him eat much, just a couple of tiny bites. We still want him to be healthy. He enjoyed what he was able to sample.Oh, and I'm sure you noticed the jammies. When we are able to stay at home for a full day, the jammies stay on, and the hair stays a mess. Oh how wonderful is the home life!