Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tristan's Valentines

I love holidays during the school year because Tristan always comes home with lots of sweet things he has been making at school. As you can see in the picture above, today was no exception. Not only did he come home with a box full of valentines, but he also came with a gift for Channing and me. How exciting! As soon as we walked into the office, he was ready to tear into his valentines! Of course, I didn't make it easy on him. I insisted on taking lots of pictures first!
Here is the heart made from his sweet handprints. It sealed our present.
Here is the super sweet Valentine's card for Channing and me.The inside...
I LOVED this! His teacher asked him what he loves about Channing and me (or ways that his mommy and daddy show him love, can show him love...I'm not sure which), and she wrote his answers on the numbers. #1 says "Read me stories", #2 says "Brush my teeth", #3 says "Give me hugs and kisses", #4 "Make dinner for me" and #5 says "Play football with me".Here are some roses he made.And here is a "surprise" box he painted and decorated (he called it a "surprise" box because it has a hidden surprise inside.
SURPRISE (Rachael, you know how much I love Hershey kisses)!!!My sweet sweet boy! I LOVE YOU, TRISTAN!!! You are such a wonderful blessing! I love to watch you smile. I love to watch you sleep. I love to watch you play. I wish I could cuddle you forever. You're just growing up too fast!!! Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!


Rachael said...

How sweet! Annie, I am so glad that you got hershey kisses....your favorite!!!

MorningSong said...

What fun gifts!! I love them all! How did he make the roses?? I can't tell what the tops are made of! I love all his creations!! I also love having these ideas for next year! haha

By the way - I made HC's and JB's Valentine to me - I used their handprints and cut out a heart around it! haha It did take the surprise factor out since I was in on the creating - but I still loved it!


The Hairston's said...

Looks like he had a great Valentine's Day! Sam also came home with lots of sweet crafts and treats. I think I am enjoying all the candy just as much as him!!

I think the 'Let Me Count the Ways' card is my favorite! So sweet!