Saturday, December 15, 2007

Angel Breakfast

We were late, but we made it. This is our second year at Church of the Highland's Angel Breakfast, and just like last year, we had a great time! Here is Tristan getting ready to enjoy his yummy breakfast.
Here he is after he sang (ok, after he stood with the other three year olds who sang), preparing to ingest some more yummy vittles.
I think this was his favorite part. After the angel breakfast, he got to run and play with his best buddy, Josiah.
Aren't they cute? A lot of people think they look alike. As far as their looks go, I think they are like the chocolate and vanilla versions of each other.
Running and playing.
They found the garbage can particularly interesting. Yuck, right?More silly fun!

I LOVE this shot!
They really do love each other.
Here they are before we left. They were admiring the flowers, and Rachael and I were trying to keep them from destroying them.What a fun morning!!! We can't wait until next year. :)


The Hairston's said...

I've never thought of them looking alike but with them dressed the same, they kindof do =) Looks like he had a good time!

Rachael said...

So sweet! I would love an email of those pictures. :)

annieck said...

I will send them from work the next chance I get. They're on that computer. :)

MorningSong said...

Precious!! I love it! I am glad you and Tristan had fun!! We did too!


Rachael said...

I love our little chocolate and vanilla twins! I had to put another comment...this morning Josiah told me that Tristan is his brother and he will keep calling him his brother until he has his own brother and then he will call Tristan his friend again. How sweet is that? They do love each other!

annieck said...

Very sweet. :)