Monday, December 10, 2007

Enjoying This Spring Weather

Today was a BEAUTIFUL very un-winterlike day. It must have been like 80 degrees...on the 10th of December! Deciding to take advantage of being a SAHM on such a perfect sunny day, I took my boys to the park. What a great decision it turned out to be! Tristan had a great time! One of the first things he wanted to do was to play in the "agloo". He told me there were lots of bats in there. Scary, huh?

Then, he saw a little boy walking through "his" castle. He tried in his "Tristan-like" way to play with him, but the other little boy wasn't interested (talk about breaking a mom's heart).
Next, we headed to the swings.
Then, onto some stationary something...not sure what it really is.
A quick stop for some brotherly love...
Then, the slide!
After he did all of these things, his good friend, Timothy, showed up. He was thrilled! He finally had someone to play with. He no longer had to try to talk me into leaving Asher behind while we went to play. Mommy was off the hook! :) He and Timothy had a blast running from the giant wild foxes that were running rabid on the playground eating all of the kids and people. Scary, huh? Be glad you weren't there. According to Timothy, these foxes were foxes that absolutely could NOT be scared away. I don't know how we made it out of that park alive! ;)
Once we had all the fun we could stand at the park (and once it was completely dark), we headed off to see Daddy and to get our power turned on. That's right, we went to get our chiropractic adjustments! We all know that when your spine's in line, your health's fine! ;)
Asher loves his Daddy! Check out the look of love in his eyes!This was the perfect end to a great day. Ok, let's be real. It was a great day, but this wasn't the end. We still had a stressful trip to Sams where Asher cried because he wanted to be at home in bed, and Tristan whined and asked for every kind of food you could imagine. Then, I still had to run to Wal-Mart and dash through the aisles while Channing drove the car through the parking lot listening to a screaming baby. Aaaah parenthood. What a gift! :)


MorningSong said...

Sounds like a fun day!! Your kids are absolutely precious!! I also loved the Baby Jesus incident! haha

Don't you love the fun kids bring to ordinary things?!!

Blessings above and beyond what you can think or imagine!

annieck said...

Thanks so much!
What would we do without our kids' viewpoints? :) I love them!!!