Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Boys Night

Last night, my husband so graciously offered to keep the boys so I could attend a Christmas party at our church. It was so nice of him because we were both invited and only one of us could go (due to the lack of a babysitter). It was really nice that he chose me to be able to go rather than himself.
Anyway, apparently I should allow him to keep the boys more often because last night, Asher slept ALL NIGHT LONG! Can you believe it?! The kid's getting four teeth at one time, he wasn't nursed before he was put down, he didn't even have a bottle, but somehow Channing managed to put him down at 8:45 (a little past...ok a LOT past his normal bedtime) with no problem. He did wake up around 11:00, but I was still awake, so I fed him and quickly put him back to bed. Guess what?! I had to wake HIM up at 8:45 this morning so I could take Tristan to school. That hasn't happened in a LONG time!!!
I don't know what Channing did, but whatever it worked! Tristan did give me a little insight to their night this morning on the way to school.
Tristan: Mommy, last night Asher was eating some candy. He started choking.
Me: Where did he get candy?!
Tristan: It was my candy. I set it down, and Asher crawled and found it. He was eating it, and he started choking.
Me: Where was Daddy?
Tristan: He was in the kitchen so I said, 'Daddy! Daddy! Asher's eating candy and choking!' Daddy said take it away from him. So I did and Daddy did too.
Yeah, when I asked Channing how the night went, this story never came up. Hmmmmmm.... Little mouths will spill all your secrets!
Regardless of that mishap, I think I will let Channing enjoy lots more nights alone with the boys since he's so good at it! :)


Ole Miss Mom said...

So sweet of Channing! It's funny how the "important" stories come out later......

The Hairston's said...

That was sweet of Channing! You should have called me to babysit!

annieck said...

Leisha, you are TOO sweet! I COULD NOT have done that to you, though. You're sweet to offer. :)

MorningSong said...

So fun!! I wanted to go so badly. We've missed the party every year! :( Hubby didn't come home, from out of town, until after 10 pm. I was so disappointed! Glad you were able to go! Do you know if we can still get an ornament?? I didn't pick one up last year but I hope to this year!

Daddies can wear out our kids way better than we can!! Go Channing!

annieck said...

I'm sad you missed it. I only decided to go at the last minute because Channing so sweetly insisted. It was a lot of fun.
Call the church...I know they'll have some left if you call asap. :)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

I love your boy's hair.....precious kids.

annieck said...


Brandi said...

Even though we missed Channing it was fun to see you at the party. Good work Channing, I hope Shane is taking notes:)