Saturday, December 22, 2007

Zoolight Safari

Last night, Channing and I loaded up the boys and headed to the zoo for the Zoolight Safari. It was a great night to check out lights because it was cold but not freezing. Tristan was thrilled to be going, and once he got there, he wasn't sure which direction he wanted to go first.
Asher, on the other hand, would have rather been at home in his bed. He was a trooper, though, and went from light display to light display with no complaining. He is definitely his daddy's little boy!As soon as we got into the zoo, we saw a sign that let us know that Big Al was there. That couldn't have been more perfect since the boys and I like Big Al, so we made a beeline for the classroom where he was supposed to be. Well, we made it too late because the students at the table told us he was too tired. However, as a consolation they offered us free tickets to ride the caousel. Tristan was probably more excited about that than seeing Big Al anyway. So we got our tickets and strolled over to the carousel...which had a SUPER long line! I think half our night was spent standing in line! Here's Tristan patiently (ok, not so patiently. There was a lot of whining going on during that 10-15 minute wait) waiting his turn.
And here's the BIG ride!
From there, we went to the barn to see the sheep and goats. We made a quick picture stop on the way. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!!!
We saw some swans the cold cold water!
Another Christmas picture !
Then we looked at Asher's sleepy face and knew it was time to go. Look at his pitiful little expression. My poor sweet baby!
And here is Tristan on the way home (yes, he still sucks his fingers. Just another thing we're working on). Can you tell he had fun?!
It was a great night of family fun! I just LOVE Christmas!!!


Brandi said...

I have always wanted to go to the zoolight safari. Was is fun. I heard the ad on the radio the other day and thought that next year we will have a good "excuse" to go. Well, baby miller may not be up for a night at the zoo but I know mom will be.

annieck said...

It was fun. Tristan really enjoyed it. There isn't as much to see as you would think, but it still provides for an hour of fun (after an hour you've seen everything, plus it's really really cold!). Next year, you WILL have an excuse to go! Next year, you'll have an excuse to do LOTS of fun things!!! :D