Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kids and the Things they Say

Today the boys and I made a quick (yeah right) trip to Target to pick up a few things. On the way out to the car, I had a buggy full of bags, Asher in his carseat, and Tristan. I couldn't take the buggy to my car because I would have had to go off the curb, and it just seemed kind of risky to me. So I was in the process of unloading my buggy onto the curb when a sweet lady came to help. She offered to take my buggy back for me, and that was a HUGE help. I told her how much I appreciated her offer, loaded up the bags and the boys and walked to my car. As I was loading my trunk, she walked by us on the way to her car. Tristan was talking a mile-a-minute, and she said, "Bye." I tell her bye and my son, Tristan of course, loudly blurts out, "BYE INTERRUPTION!" I was SO embarrassed! I then said, "I don't know what he's talking about. Sometimes he says weird things." Then, he yelled it again, "BYE INTERRUPTION!"
EMBARRASSING to say the least! Needless to say, he received a lesson on polite things to say to people when they speak to us or give us hand, and needless to say, calling someone an interruption doesn't fit into that category!


The Hairston's said...

Oh, Tristan! You crack me up!! Good stuff!!!

MorningSong said...

OH MY!!! THat is hilarious!!

Sometimes when I take HC to public restrooms she will say this "Are going potty too Mommy so that you don't waste your time?" I suppose I was frustrated (early on) with her insistence on going potty while we were in a hurry and mumbled to myself that I would go so not to waste time. :) Now this is her mantra when I go! :) Lovely!

You never know WHAT they hear you mumble!

The Hairston's said...

Has Tristan been watching the Backyardigans Christmas episode? I thought about him as we were watching it today. They kept saying they didn't need interuptions. He is one funny boy!

RealEstateGirl said...

Stopped by from Mel's blog (Morning Song) because I noticed your Georgia hat! Go Dawgs!

I, too, am a "Georgia" girl living in Alabama!

Merry Christmas!

annieck said...

You know, Leisha, he probably has. That would explain things a little bit!
Realestategirl, my husband is actually the Georgia fan, but they're my second favorite. I'm actually a Tide girl. So I say, ROLL TIDE AND GO DAWGS!!! I'm so glad you stopped by! :D